Andrew Gustafson in a hard hat

Makaila Bailey, a student in the Environmental Horticulture Program, has had a significant impact on our campus. This past summer, she started working to propagate the Campana elm tree, which lived next to Hitchner Hall for over 150 years. Before it had to be removed in August for safety, she was a part of the team collecting cuttings, in hopes to propagate more and continue the legacy. 

Makaila was also a 2021/2022 recipient of the Jane M. McCabe Memorial Horticulture Scholarship, which she explains has helped her be successful during her time at the University.  She states, ”Without these scholarships, I do not think I would have been able to focus on learning and pursuing my degree as much as I have,” which is evidenced by her plan to obtain her degree in just three years in Spring 2023. 

To read more about Makaila’s summer experience, click here to read the UMaine news article.

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