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Chanthu Millay, class of 2022, has possessed a passion for both helping others and creating art for as long as she can remember. Chanthu grew up as one of 12, and often helped her younger siblings with their studies. Even with her free time, Chanthu’s passion for the arts often took a backseat as she found herself being pulled back to caring for and mentoring others. After high school, she explains that she took a break from academics to experience marriage, keeping a job, learning finances, and more. 14 years later, she decided to re-enter the educational world at UMaine. 


Chanthu wanted to combine her love for mentoring and art together, and saw that obtaining a degree was the path to get there. She hopes to teach art at a college level, and is planning to get her master’s degree once she has completed her bachelor’s. Financial struggles have been a part of her everyday reality, so she is grateful to have received the Estelle Phillips Springer Scholarship, which has helped with the financial strain that comes with college. Her hope is to give back to the community as a teacher, and is thankful for all the support she has received on her journey to get there.