Andrew Gustafson in a hard hat

Andrew is not your typical student at the University of Maine, but he is a hardworking one. While working full-time as a father and husband, Andrew completed a four-year degree in Survey Engineering Technology entirely online.

Andrew was the 2021-2022 recipient of the Virginia and Roger Ferguson New England Section Scholarship. This was crucial for him in the midst of his career change, as it helped relieve the strain on his family while he was at the University.

With his degree, Andrew plans to become a Professional Land Surveyor. However, that is no easy task. Alongside the degree he received at UMaine, he must also pass two licensing tests and work for a Professional Land surveyor for at least four years. Andrew has already passed one licensing test and graduated with his bachelor’s. His scholarship was a huge help along the way, and he hopes that in the future, he can help other students the way he was.

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