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Consider joining your peers in commemorating and honoring your time at UMaine by making a gift!

Every gift counts, but look below to see how you could match your gift by donating to your class scholarship.

Reunion Giving options

2021 Reunion Classes (1951, 1956, 1961, 1966, 1971, 1976, 1981, 1986, 1991, 1996, 2001, 2006, 2011 and 2016) will be the third classes to qualify for the new Class Scholarship Matching Gift Program for Reunion Classes.

The match will be granted at Reunion 2026 based on what has been raised for Class Scholarship Funds by that date. Creating a five-year pledge now would count in Reunion 2021 totals, and be paid by 2026 to qualify for the matching funds!

How does the match work?

The University of Maine Foundation will provide a 4:1 matching gift (each $4 class members donate to their class scholarship fund will be matched with $1 from the Foundation*) to each class at Reunion 2026.

*A maximum matching gift from the Foundation of $2,000 per class year ($8,000 donor funds matched with $2,000 Foundation funds).

If your class is currently participating in another matching gift program with the Foundation, your class is not eligible to participate in the Class Scholarship Matching Gift Program for Reunion Classes



Make monthly gifts to support your class scholarship fund or any other UMaine entity. Recurring gifts provide a predictable source of revenue for UMaine and your gift goes to work immediately for the benefit of the UMaine entity you choose to support.

Start your recurring gift here.

A five-year pledge will take you to your next reunion celebration. If you are interested in this giving option, please follow the link below, or contact Dee Gardner for more information.

Giving by Bequest:

Some reunion class members find that creating a planned gift to celebrate their reunion year is a good fit for their philanthropic goals. This type of gift may qualify donors for membership in the  Charles F. Allen Legacy Society. Plan gifts often make a real difference in the future of our University.

Simple ways to help through a named fund or through a class scholarship fund would be to:

 Leave a bequest to the University of Maine Foundation in your will or trust;

 Name the University of Maine Foundation as a beneficiary to a portion of a retirement account or a life insurance policy;


 Create a life income through a gift annuity, charitable trust or pooled fund with the remainder to benefit the University.

Here is sample language written by the University of Maine Foundation staff for you and your legal advisor to review. For more information, you can check our Planned Giving portion of the Foundation website:

Thank you for considering a planned gift for the future of the College of Our Hearts Always.

Contact Dee Gardner for more information.


Dee Gardner

Dee Gardner

Reunion Giving Coordinator


Call: 207.253.5172