Donor-Advised Funds

A convenient, cost-effective alternative to running a private family foundation, a donor-advised fund lets the donor consolidate charitable giving to the University of Maine as well as to other worthy causes of one’s choosing. Upon making an irrevocable gift to the Fund, the donor receives a tax deduction that year and may recommend that grants be made to the University and other charities. A donor can start a Donor-Advised Fund with a minimum of $10,000. (Contrast this with the $250,000 to $500,000 needed to start a private family foundation.) We suggest that at least half of the principal, income and appreciation of a Fund benefit the University of Maine.

Prospective donors are encouraged to consult with their legal and financial advisors concerning charitable gift programs and their personal financial and estate plans. The Foundation staff is available to assist prospective donors and their advisors regarding charitable gift opportunities.

To obtain a copy of the Foundation’s audited financial statements, please contact us.  If you would like to know the names of the Foundation’s Officers, Directors and Members, please click here.

The University of Maine Foundation has professional giving officers ready to work with you and your advisors. We may be reached Monday-Friday between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm by calling 1.800.982.8503 or via email at