Giving Societies

Giving societies recognize donors who reach various milestones in their University of Maine philanthropy.

Triple Crown Donors

Alumni and friends who are truly shaping the future of the University of Maine as members of the Stillwater Society, the Charles F. Allen Legacy Society and the President’s Club (annually renewable membership) are recognized as Triple Crown donors.

Stillwater Society

The Stillwater Society was created in 2000 to celebrate donors who have given at least $25,000 to the University of Maine and its partners over the course of their lifetimes. Donors are eligible for the society based on their cumulative outright gifts and irrevocable planned gifts. Some friends and alumni are members of the Stillwater Society as the result of a single gift; others are members as the result of faithful, longtime support. New and rising members are recognized at a formal dinner and presented with a pin symbolic of their respective Stillwater Society level.

The Katahdin Society (the highest level of the Stillwater Society) honors alumni and friends who have given $1 million or more to benefit the University of Maine.


Level 1 –$25,000 – $99,999
Level 2 – $100,000 – $249,999
Level 3 – $250,000 – $499,999
Level 4 –$500,000 – $999,999
Level 5 –$1,000,000 & Up

Charles F. Allen Legacy Society

The Charles F. Allen Legacy Society, named for the University of Maine’s first president, was established in 1995 to recognize and honor alumni and friends who intend to remember the University of Maine or its affiliated organizations by making a bequest or other form of planned or deferred gift. Such gifts will benefit the university in the years ahead without necessarily requiring that the donor fund the gift at the present time. While the gift is deferred, the benefits of membership in the society begin immediately. If you let us know that you have provided for the University of Maine or its affiliated organizations in your will, trust, pooled life income fund, life insurance policy, gift annuity or retirement fund, you immediately become a full member of the society. Charles F. Allen Legacy Society members receive a membership certificate recognizing their intentions and a lapel pin. Members also are honored at a special event on campus.

President’s Club

The President’s Club is UMaine’s front door to special donor recognition. Members of the President’s Club give at least $1,000 a year to UMaine. President’s Club gifts are often made as monthly recurring gifts or annual pledges paid in installments. Gifts can be unrestricted or designated for a particular need or priority; they may be used for current operations or directed toward an endowment. President’s Club members range from recent graduates to Senior Alumni, represent virtually every major, are scattered across the country and share a common commitment to improving the lives of others. President’s Club members receive a pin, a certificate and are invited to the President’s Club Brunch at the President’s House during Homecoming Weekend.

New For FY21!

New entry levels into President’s Club:  

Alumni 1-5 years from graduation – $250

Alumni 6-10 years from graduation – $500

FY20 President’s Club Highlights:

1,195 members in FY20—a record number

57% increase in membership since FY13

153 members are UMaine faculty or staff

$18 million in support provided for UMaine in FY20

$93 million in lifetime giving for FY20 members

$2.3 million in scholarship support provided to UMaine from current members in FY20

816 are also Stillwater Society members, based on their lifetime giving of $25,000 or more

303 members are Charles F. Allen Legacy Society members

159 are Triple Crown donors as they are members of President’s Club, Stillwater Society and Charles F. Allen Legacy Society

Loyal M Society

The Loyal M Society recognizes UMaine’s most faithful philanthropists. Membership is open to donors who have made gifts to benefit UMaine over at least two consecutive fiscal years, regardless of the gift amount, type or purpose. Recurring monthly gifts, set up with a credit card or electronic fund transfer from a checking account, are a convenient way to secure ongoing membership in the Loyal M Society. Actual years of consecutive giving may be greater than acknowledged in current reporting; the count extends back to when the Office of University Development transitioned from paper records to a fundraising database.