President Abram W. Harris Award

The President Abram W. Harris Award was established by President Harris’ grandson Abram ”Pete” W. Harris III ’50 and his friend Marion Waterman Meyer ’51 and is presented periodically by the Foundation. President Harris is remembered in the Board of Trustees reports for eight years of service during which the University made rapid, constant progress. He established the founding chapter of Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society.

President Harris left the institution larger, stronger, and in every respect a better university.

Current Foundation Award Recipients

2019–85th Anniversary

Bruce W. Albiston

Matthew R. McHatten

Anthony F. “Tony” Paine

Hon. George Z. Singal

Eric M. Venturini

Betsy MacGregor Webb

Past Recipients of Foundation Awards

2014–80th Anniversary

Debra A. Gervais

Christopher P. Keating

John K. Veroneau

Calen B. Colby

C. Ann Merrifield

Mark “Rookie” Letendre

Feature in Annual Report News Story

2009–75th Anniversary

Karen M. Baldacci

Lawrence K. Bender

Joline Godfrey

Edward J. Keefe

Patrice M. Krant


Class of 1944


Habib Dagher

2005–Faculty Five

George Jacobson

Stephen Norton

Malcolm Hunter

David Smith

George Markowsky

2004–70th Anniversary

Stephen Wheatland

Raymond H. Fogler

Mark R. Shibles

Vincent A. Hartgen

Alice R. Stewart

Harold Alfond

George Jacobson