As of September 30, 2017

Cash Management FundsMarket Value
Alfond Fund Golf Tournament Account$75,537
Area of Greatest Need at UMaine$102,173
Bridge, John Donor Advised Fund$270
Child Study Center Parent Association$343
Class of 1952 Reserve Fund$10,114
Class of 1959 Reserve Fund$41,421
Colbath, Mary Lou Donor Advised Fund$1,183
Collins Center for the Arts Excellence Fund$7,603
Collins Center for the Arts Outreach Fund$8,561
Collins Center for the Arts Reserve$153,240
Directors Reserve Fund$933,559
Engineering Education and Design Center Fund$1,039
Farrington, Perl V. and Virginia A. Annual Scholarship$12,301
Flame of Inspiration Fund$5,963
Flanders, Dale Donor Advised Fund$33,446
Football Coach Discretionary Fund$11
Forest Stumpage Fund$51,834
Franco American Reserve$8,184
Franco-American Centre Oral History Fund$336
Head Football Coach Career Achievement Reserve Fund$500,622
Jewish Community Endowment Associates Donor Advised Fund$14,162
King & Mallett Scholarship Fund$1,001
Lafayette Hotels/Danny & Carla Lafayette Page Farm and Home Museum (Endowment) Fund$525
Leonard, Ralph E. Donor Advised Fund$31,488
Littlefield Gallery UMaine Sculptor-in-Residence Fund$7,502
Lobster Institute Reserve$7,316
M Club Hall of Fame Fund$2,569
M Club Projects Fund$31,470
Maine Hunger Dialogue Fund$17,974
Maine Telecommunications Users Group Scholarship$185
Merrifield, C. Ann Professorship in Science Education$1,200
Midcoast Maine AAUW Scholarship$74,744
Mitchell, Senator George J. Center Fund$160,161
Northeast Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition Fund$41
Ornamental Horticulture Council Reserve$2,470
Orono Bog Boardwalk Campaign$238,048
Parents are Teachers Too$29,447
Patch, Edith Marion Center for Entomology, the Environment and Education Reserve Fund$75,000
Penobscot Experimental Forest Research Operations Fund$13,543
Phi Mu Pi Emergency Fund$1,523
Planetarium Observatory Fund$48,111
Rezendes, John M. Ethics Cash Management Fund$3,971
Sakellaris, George P. '69 & Caterina Papoulis-Sakellaris Graduate Fellowships Fund$46,665
Sargent Corporation Annual Scholarship$84,695
Senior College Cash Management$16,223
Sigma Nu Fraternity Overlook Bench Cash Management Fund$5,570
Simpson, Geddes W. Annual Lectureship Fund$7,786
Slavin, Charlie National Collegiate Honors Council Travel Fund$29
Slott Family French Language Immersion Fund$9,756
Slott, Aaron & Florence Women's Basketball Summer Session Fund$50,175
Smart, Atwood O. & June P. Scholarship Reserve Fund$378
Sociology Enhancement Cash Management Fund$16,512
SPIFFY Cash Mgmt Fund$5,904
Stone, George H. Outstanding Academic Achievement Award$1,527
Thomas, George M. CFMA Annual Scholarship$11
Thursday Club Scholarship Reserve Fund$2,534
Treat, William W. Nontraditional Student Scholarship$60
UMaine Cybersecurity Lab Discretionary Fund$23,258
UMO Community Policing Fund$770
University Credit Union (UCU) Scholarship Reserve Fund$4,016
University of Maine Alumni Chapter of Southern Maine Golf Tournament Fund$4,969
University of Maine Athletics Development Fund$33,294
University of Maine Foundation Memorial Gifts$7,547
University of Maine Friends of Maine Cheering Fund$734
Vision for Tomorrow Reserve Fund$1,000,000
Walsh, Shawn Memorial Golf Classic Fund$17,078
Ward, Denham S. & Debra L. Lipscomb Scholarship$21,235
Wilson Center Annual Fund$261
General Endowment FundsPrincipalMarket Value
Abbott, Carol S. and Walter H. Scholarship$137,783$146,860
Abbott, Ernest F. & Anita Basketball Scholarship$7,063$9,747
Academic Merit Scholarship$3,981$5,960
Adams, Archie A. Scholarship$4,952$8,704
Adams, Edwin Wentworth Scholarship$954,752$1,258,011
Advanced Structures & Composites Center Director's Endowment$1,744$1,968
Ahavas Achim Cemetery Quasi Endowment$706,440$921,045
Albiston, Bruce and Annemarie Fund$166,664$168,973
Alden, Richard C. Fund$0$6,199
Alfond Student Athlete Fund$1,267,680$1,337,411
Alfond, Harold A. Athletic Scholarship$100,000$164,286
Alfond, Harold Scholarship II$91,517$118,435
Alford, Wilson M. and Frances Sawyer Fund$128,333$134,052
All Maine Women Honor Society President's Activity Endowment Fund$4,538$4,798
All Maine Women Honor Society President's Scholarship Endowment$6,857$7,568
Allard, Suzanne B. Fund$40,341$58,379
Allen, Arthur S. Ph.D. & David J. Allen Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Wildlife Conservation Scholarship$5,939$6,670
Allen, Robert C. and Linda Sutherland '75 Scholarship$28,252$30,244
Allen, Telford M. Family Scholarship$19,000$21,035
Alpander, Guvenc G. Fund$18,841$24,945
Alpha Gamma Rho/Clifford McIntire Scholarship$39,456$44,157
Alternative Spring Break Endowment$34,283$37,806
Alumnae of the Delta Nu Chapter of Alphi Phi Scholarship$635$723
Alumni Association Aspirations Scholarship$10,230$15,336
Alumni Association Distinguished Scholars Award$40,500$51,598
Alumni Association Endowment$742,968$841,043
Alumni Association Scholarship$63,515$72,667
Alumni Class of 1939 Scholarship$221,394$233,380
Alumni House Endowment$1,535,425$1,620,731
Anderson, Joellen Scholarship$52,477$56,327
Anderson, Robert E. and Jeanette B. Family Scholarship$10,734$11,556
Anderson, Robert I. '64 and Jacqueline Towle Anderson '64 Scholarship$25,050$28,269
Andrews, Francis S. and Dorothy J. Scholarship $326,877$337,231
Andrews, Francis S. and Dorothy Jane Alumni House Fund$325,862$343,732
Andrews, Kathryn Morris Scholarship$39,237$41,687
Anonymous Fund II$302,164$599,651
Anonymous Fund III$173,694$212,748
Anonymous Fund IV$161,871$179,645
Anonymous V$156,258$181,270
Anonymous VII Scholarship$8,000$8,783
Appleton, Maria S. Scholarship$5,000$15,156
Applin, John R. and Pauline T. Fund$1,000$1,034
Arbour Fox PaCEsetter Scholarship$82,500$90,368
Arch, Allan S. '65 & Susan L. Arch Scholarship$20,000$22,351
Archibald, Percy P. & Marion T. Scholarship$557,965$588,157
Armstrong, Florence J. Scholarship$94,378$98,669
ASCE Student Chapter Recognition Award$5,911$7,960
ASHRAE Scholarship$9,500$11,638
Ashworth, Dean Edward N. and Dr. Sharon L. Scholarship$16,750$18,738
Ashworth, Dr. John and Mabel Scholarship$21,250$23,041
Associated General Contractors of Maine Education Foundation Fund$443,020$504,323
Athletic Dept. Special Fund$4,027$5,477
Austin, David M. and Kelly M. Scholarship$6,000$7,370
Ayer, Hazen H. Scholarship$126,850$155,355
Ayyagari, Mahalakshmi Engineering Scholarship$78,481$87,334
Babcock Educational Fund$306,170$342,051
Bailey, Anne and Stan Scholarship$24,250$25,563
Bailey, Frank W. P. Scholarship$75,000$79,061
Bailey, George H. D.V.S. (1832-1905) Memorial Scholarship$5,005$5,365
Bailey, I. Stanley Alumni House Fund$14,957$16,962
Bailey, I. Stanley Fund$157,499$167,091
Bailey, Marjorie C. Alumni House Endowment$10,000$10,910
Bailey, Marjorie C. Arts Fund$96,863$102,071
Bailey, Marjorie C. Library Fund$12,796$13,578
Bailey, Marjorie C. Research Fund$96,863$102,071
Bailey, Marjorie C. Scholarship$96,863$102,071
Baird, Catherine P. & Frederick T. 4-H Fund$49,351$53,416
Baird, Catherine P. Alumni Fund$49,411$51,335
Baird, Frederick T. & Catherine P. Alumni Fund$49,351$53,416
Baird, Frederick T. & Catherine P. Alumni House Fund$48,336$51,798
Baird, Frederick T. & Catherine P. Athletic Fund$48,336$51,482
Baird, Frederick T. & Catherine P. Scholarship$296,239$323,978
Baldacci, Robert E. Sr. & Rosemary K. Memorial Scholarship$117,359$124,597
Ballou, John W. Scholarship$11,200$12,582
Bananas T. Bear Alpha Phi Omega Scholarship$56,184$61,634
Bangor Chapter #158 UCT Scholarship$10,000$18,025
Bangor Daily News Scholarship$20,000$27,329
Bank of America Scholarship$70,000$79,699
Banks, Ronald F. Scholarship$6,699$11,155
Barker, Harold O. '27 Memorial Scholarship$7,362$9,602
Barnes, Constance King Scholarship$40,651$42,284
Barrows, Willis M. & Virginia E. Fund$28,707$30,314
Barter, Dr. Richard F. Scholarship$148,223$163,053
Bartlett, Howard D. '44 & Phyllis White '45 Scholarship$18,193$22,246
Bartley Family Scholarship$58,125$62,913
Bartley, Charles E. and Helen Hauck Scholarship$552,308$575,606
Basketball 2000 Scholarship$81,838$92,109
Bates, Niran C. Scholarship$35,000$58,296
Batuski, Dr. David J. Excellence Fund for Physics Education$40,000$45,042
Bayer, Juanita C. Memorial Scholarship$8,065$8,914
Beach Family Fund$33,289$37,387
Beal, Pamela L. '69 Scholarship$1,000$1,103
Bean, Mary T. Alumni House Fund$236,632$250,442
Bear Pairs Scholarship$18,019$19,505
Beardsell, Wallace A. Scholarship$10,000$10,719
Bebek, Dr. Tibor J. Memorial Scholarship$27,743$53,155
Becker, Elizabeth Chandler & C. Robert Memorial Scholarship$3,000$5,937
Beckett, Clarence Fund$0$18,229
Beechler, Austin D. Fund$0$5,706
Belisle, Gerard M. Scholarship$29,855$34,251
Bell, James "Red" Jr. Pike Industries, Inc. Scholarship$9,500$12,194
Bell, Marcia Finks '40 Scholarship$100,170$105,637
Bennett, Clarence E. & Ruth N. Scholarship$26,758$30,002
Bennett, Priscilla Hardy Scholarship$50,000$55,974
Berry, Edward Robie Fund$15,085$21,703
Berry, Major General Peter T. & Gail M. Berry ROTC Scholarship$22,948$24,690
Bessey, Earle D. Jr. Forest Resources Scholarship$42,940$45,343
Beta Theta Pi Alumni House Endowment, The Beta Eta Chapter of$51,250$53,106
Bicknell, Anne M. Healey and Albert W. Scholarship$2,400$3,049
Bicknell, Jack Football Fund$0$34
Bickterman, Nancy Harris & Edward J. Bickterman Scholarship Quasi-Endowed Fund$0$263
Bingham Fund #2$695,542$870,026
Biological Sciences Endowment$2,581$4,694
Bishop, Jacob W. Jr., & Martha Jane Scholarship$127,092$133,930
Bixler, Harris J. & Ann B. Hutchinson Center Scholarship $251,216$267,737
Black Bear Endowment Fund$8,050$8,970
Blackwell Family Scholarship$32,857$34,881
Blake Scholarship, The$59,226$62,988
Blake, Foster B. Sr. Scholarship$10,000$15,320
Blake, Wallace Scholarship$100,000$107,145
Blodgett, Cindy Women's Basketball Education Fund$40,811$43,099
Blumenstock Family Forest Products Student of the Year Award$19,180$20,668
Blumenstock, Helen Belyea Scholarship$21,464$22,783
Blumenstock, Helen Grant Memorial Scholarship$19,922$21,649
Blumenstock, Nancy Hawes Memorial Scholarship$19,605$20,998
Bodwell "SPIFFY" Travel Fund$8,023$8,956
Bodwell, Barbara H. '45 Honors Scholarship$50,000$52,740
Bodwell, Barbara H. Community Service Fund$35,763$38,165
Bodwell, Janet Marston '55 Scholarship$20,000$22,503
Bodwell, Russell and Barbara Scholarship$5,200$5,575
Bodwell, Russell S. & Barbara H. Dean's Excellence Fund$15,870$17,735
Bodwell, Russell S. Civil Engineering Scholarship$25,000$26,403
Bodwell, Russell S. PaCEsetter Endowed Scholarship$50,000$52,740
Bodwell, Russell S. University Distinguished Professorship$370,485$400,938
Bodwell, William "Brother Bill" '50 Scholarship$24,539$26,970
Bodwell, William R. Civil Engineering Scholarship$20,000$22,249
Bombard, Carol Memorial Scholarship$15,775$17,402
Bonello Family Scholarship$25,000$26,257
Boston Executive Club of the University of Maine Scholarship Endowment$4,350$4,853
Bouchard, John E. and Saundra F. Albrite-Bouchard Scholarship$12,000$12,726
Boucher, Samuel L. Buchanan Alumni House Ornamental Garden Fund$71,406$108,838
Boucher, Samuel L. Horticultural Education Fund$15,665$20,328
Boucher, Samuel L. Ornamental Horticulture Endowment Fund$3,981$5,398
Boudreau, Karen L. Esquire & Thomas S. Jensen, M.D. Fund$450$556
Bourque Scholarship Fund$50,000$51,910
Bowden, Minnie Scholarship$15,611$20,623
Bowen Scholarship in Canadian History$49,660$52,452
Bowen, Hazel Sweetser Memorial Scholarship$139,857$152,372
Boyd, Inez / Bangor Nature Club Quasi-Endowed Scholarship Fund$29,613$33,453
Boyle, John F. Prize in Ecology and Environmental Sciences$23,156$24,457
Boyson, Gloria P. SPIFFY Fund$10,561$11,313
Bradley, Co Scholarship$77,279$86,318
Bragg 2nd, Charles F. and Anna H. Fund$28,845$34,150
Bragg, Katherine M. & Walter H. Loan Fund$1,069,626$1,223,200
Brainard, Captain John "Jay" III '08 Memorial Scholarship$13,900$15,310
Brautlecht, Charles A. Scholarship$92,860$169,784
Bridge, Chester G. Tennis Endowment Fund$140,000$166,244
Bridge, John C. and Charlene R. Honors College Fund$24,500$26,708
Bridge, John C. Engineering Professorship$250,000$264,308
Bridgham, Lisle W. Scholarship$29,443$59,021
Brinton, Wesley R. and Dorothy R. Scholarship Fund$17,938$19,826
Britton, Dr. W. Earl Scholarship$10,852$12,051
Brockway, Philip J. & Muriel F. '31, '32 Scholarship$46,396$72,099
Brooklin Garden Club Scholarship$25,000$26,068
Brooks, Bernice (Bunny) Memorial Nursing Scholarship$700$1,058
Brooks, Theresa Y. Scholarship$3,777$4,357
Brower, Auburn E. & Lurana C. Scholarship$56,858$62,766
Brown, Anne Scholarship$30,035$32,045
Brown, Carleton M. Scholarship$45,665$51,412
Brown, Darryl and Penny Scholarship$57,545$61,934
Brown, Dr. Ronald O. Family Scholarship$30,000$31,443
Brown, Ella Corinne Professor Emerita Award$13,515$14,734
Brown, Francesca Sheehy & Charles G. Fund$8,000$8,576
Brown, Francis A. & Elizabeth C. Scholarship$18,597$19,825
Brown, Harold H. "Brownie" Eastern States Legacy Fund$25,000$27,990
Brown, Kenneth Allen Memorial Lobster Research Fund$11,000$12,141
Brown, Raynor K. & Georgia T. Scholarship$354,336$374,105
Brown, Sewall C. Memorial Scholarship$3,814$6,183
Browne, Bob & Jim Agricultural Scholarship$62,571$65,972
Bruno, John P. and Catherine J. Music Scholarship$100,000$109,575
Bruns Family Fund$5,500$6,745
Bryand, Anita (Dolly) Scholarship$21,146$22,406
Bryand, Edward T. '52 Scholarship$21,146$22,406
Buchanan, Malcolm V. '49 Scholarship$1,380$1,650
Buchanan, William and Jennie Scholarship$7,897$11,596
Buck, Hosea B. Memorial Scholarship$5,000$14,350
Buckley, John D. & Regina M. PaCEsetter Scholarship$50,000$52,893
Buckley, Lt. Christopher D. Memorial Scholarship$11,630$12,271
Buckley, Paul R. '57 Scholarship$10,200$15,727
Bucknam, Richard D. '35 & Dorothy D. Scholarship$11,291$12,763
Buffam, Margaret G. Fund$26,323$57,513
Buker, David E. '69 and Nancy L. (Hackett) Buker '71 Scholarship$10,000$11,277
Bunyan, Hegedus, Morse Inspiration Fund$830$931
Burdick, Douglas B. '68 Scholarship$20,000$22,742
Bureau of Labor Education Scholarship$500$554
Burgess, Robert C. '54 Fund$10,458$10,855
Burke, Carli Memorial Scholarship$18,052$19,102
Burnes, Pat and Harvey Kail Professional Development Fund$12,912$13,672
Burnham, Ronald Memorial Scholarship$128,110$133,299
Burrill, Richard M. '44 Memorial$20,000$22,425
Burton, Leroy A. '33 Memorial Scholarship$5,600$8,344
Bush, John H. Electrical Engineering Fund$118,495$131,995
Bushway, Alfred A. & Esther L. Scholarship$16,429$17,377
Butler, Henry R. '20 & Grace V. Professorship in Electrical Engineering$260,556$291,899
Butterfield, Jack Memorial Scholarship$124,378$149,537
Buxton, Peter J. '61 and Joan S. Scholarship$30,000$33,241
Buxton-Hollis Community Hospital, Inc. Fund$18,311$34,429
Byrnes, Eileen M. Memorial Scholarship$30,002$44,768
Caldwell, Robert H. Memorial Scholarship$7,200$7,809
Calkin, William (Bill) S. '55, '60G & Constance (Connie) Lewis '55 Calkin Scholarship$20,300$21,976
Camp, Paul R. & Polly N. Quasi-Endowment Fund for the Fogler Library$12,500$19,350
Camp, Paul R. Memorial Scholarship$72,487$77,782
Campbell Brann Family Scholarship$38,320$40,504
Campus Natural Heritage Endowment$29,325$36,463
Canadian-American Center Endowment$122,297$137,857
Canteen Service Co./Lloyd E. Willey Scholarship$19,076$20,100
Card, Coburn Memorial Art Scholarship$10,000$11,253
Carlisle, George T. Fund$172,183$185,886
Carter, Gene & Judith Kittredge Scholarship$152,549$184,907
Carter, Hon. Gene & Judith Kittredge Alumni House Endowment$20,000$21,367
Carvalho, Manuel J. & Estelle S. Scholarship$112,256$126,297
Carver, Stanford E. & Pauline C. Scholarship$15,472$17,198
Carville, Jean Grindle Non-Traditional Student Scholarship$56,058$62,378
Cary, Hugh R. Memorial Scholarship$241,810$251,042
Casco Systems Scholarship$5,000$5,658
Cashman, John L. & Pauline M. Scholarship$4,684$6,390
Cassidy, Barbara Ann Collins Center for the Arts Fund$35,000$38,559
Cassidy, Gerard S. '80 Capital Markets Training Laboratory Endowment Fund$11,500$12,752
Castle, Roger C. Track Fund$4,928$6,055
Castle, Roger Clapp & Virginia Averill Distinguished Professorship of Electrical Engineering$933,885$1,127,080
Caswell, Frances Pratt '51 Scholarship$10,000$11,528
CES, Inc. Environmental Chemistry Laboratory$100,000$126,126
Chadbourne, Ava H. Scholarship$6,199$16,843
Chadbourne, Leo A. '51 and Phyllis J. Chadbourne Scholarship$24,346$25,763
Chandrasekar Do Fund$2,000$2,334
Chaplin Family Fund$15,303$16,568
Charlie's Terrace Endowment Fund$31,170$33,111
Chase, Clyde & Gladys Bailey Chase Fund$25,000$26,396
Chase, Dr. Allan S. '46 Fund$10,000$10,436
Chemical & Biological Engineering Departmental Scholarship$10,320$11,906
Cheney, David M. Scholarship Fund$102,176$108,333
Chi Omega Alumnae Scholarship$15,402$17,864
Churchill, Bob '53 Basketball Scholarship$24,925$27,682
Churchill, Daniel D. and Betty R. Fund$423,436$500,800
Cianchette, Peggy & Eric Buchanan Alumni House Fund$28,374$90,087
Clapp, Elwood I. & Hazel P. Scholarship$100,065$201,621
Clapp, Mildred McPheters '29 Memorial Fund$101,614$144,219
Clark, Alan G. and Linda Hovestadt Clark Scholarship$500$538
Clark, Alton Harold and Madonna Fogg Clark Scholarship$83,100$90,468
Clark, Dorothy Stone '54 Scholarship Fund$25,899$27,409
Clark, Mary Esther Treat Alumni House Endowment $50,000$51,950
Clark, Mary Esther Treat Scholarship $50,000$51,934
Clarke, Edwin Keith '56 Memorial Scholarship$65,543$72,503
Clarkson, James W. Scholarship$1,520$4,611
Class of 1906 Scholarship$420$5,704
Class of 1909 Fund$7,579$22,377
Class of 1910 Fund$2,266$18,452
Class of 1911 Scholarship$31,608$76,140
Class of 1912 Fund$3,326$7,797
Class of 1915 Student Aid Fund$30,489$66,652
Class of 1916 Scholarship$3,977$19,099
Class of 1917 Scholarship$26,287$58,521
Class of 1918 Scholarship$7,402$13,203
Class of 1919 Fund$7,068$16,340
Class of 1920 Scholarship$104,790$216,863
Class of 1921 Flag Pole Perpetual Care Fund$1,076$3,271
Class of 1921 Scholarship$11,803$25,470
Class of 1922 Scholarship$7,209$14,022
Class of 1923 Scholarship$7,999$16,801
Class of 1924 Scholarship$67,546$125,339
Class of 1925 Scholarship$15,712$36,344
Class of 1927 Scholarship$55,505$99,369
Class of 1929 Scholarship$8,565$19,869
Class of 1930 Fund$3,772$24,667
Class of 1932 David H. Hannaburgh Perpetuity Fund$8,855$11,755
Class of 1932 Winthrop C. Libby Scholarship$148,158$203,186
Class of 1934 Cultural Affairs Fund$68,490$136,580
Class of 1934 Donald E. Favor Memorial Scholarship$28,045$37,899
Class of 1934 Non-Traditional Student Emergency$15,988$17,936
Class of 1935 Warren W. Flagg Scholarship$29,947$34,391
Class of 1936 Scholarship$17,824$18,803
Class of 1937 Scholarship$24,375$29,262
Class of 1938 Student Aid Fund$13,631$16,299
Class of 1939 Scholarship$35,295$46,412
Class of 1941 Memorial Scholarship$42,565$47,665
Class of 1942 and Class of 2002 Distinguished Maine Professor Award$76,174$103,872
Class of 1942 and Class of 2002 Distinguished Maine Student Award$81,248$89,870
Class of 1944 Endowed Scholarship$72,111$76,146
Class of 1944 Music Scholarship$18,000$18,966
Class of 1944 Theatre Scholarship$12,500$13,103
Class of 1945 Scholarship$30,651$35,933
Class of 1945 Sculpture Maintenance Fund$6,688$7,204
Class of 1946 Scholarship$5,162$7,143
Class of 1947 Scholarship$52,845$56,956
Class of 1948 Scholarship$60,523$70,429
Class of 1949 Fund$140,564$155,909
Class of 1950 Flag Plaza Fund$5,000$5,347
Class of 1950 Scholarship$93,041$104,576
Class of 1951 Scholarship$36,064$40,984
Class of 1952 Buchanan Alumni House Fund$77,522$83,199
Class of 1952 Scholarship$145,342$154,507
Class of 1953 Grant-in-Aid Fund$115,242$124,373
Class of 1954 Scholarship$45,629$51,353
Class of 1955 Scholarship$165,424$182,297
Class of 1956 Scholarship$123,793$142,597
Class of 1957 Scholarship$37,694$51,128
Class of 1958 Scholarship$282,693$318,477
Class of 1959 Scholarship$50,692$56,218
Class of 1960 Academic/Athletic Scholarship$231,178$247,105
Class of 1961 Scholarship$61,083$73,199
Class of 1962 Sterritt Scholarship$48,443$62,640
Class of 1963 Scholarship$27,923$35,306
Class of 1964 Scholarship$26,265$28,082
Class of 1965 Scholarship$28,567$31,529
Class of 1966 Scholarship$40,154$44,319
Class of 1967 Scholarship$37,211$41,775
Class of 1969 Buchanan Alumni House Fund$25,000$27,024
Class of 1969 Scholarship$13,741$14,867
Class of 1970 Scholarship$24,244$35,398
Class of 1971 Scholarship$5,574$6,294
Class of 1972 Scholarship$5,450$5,958
Class of 1973 Scholarship$40,660$43,943
Class of 1974 Scholarship$8,948$9,726
Class of 1975 Scholarship$9,261$9,963
Class of 1976 Scholarship$16,993$18,763
Class of 1977 Scholarship$18,084$19,443
Class of 1978 Scholarship$13,774$15,267
Class of 1979 Scholarship$11,550$12,854
Class of 1980 Scholarship$32,446$35,443
Class of 1981 Scholarship$9,765$10,740
Class of 1982 Scholarship$6,450$7,247
Class of 1983 Scholarship$4,335$4,921
Class of 1984 Scholarship$3,586$3,974
Class of 1985 Scholarship$12,921$14,487
Class of 1986 Scholarship$6,127$6,874
Class of 1987 Scholarship$5,678$6,213
Class of 1988 Scholarship$3,112$3,545
Class of 1989 Scholarship$7,142$8,057
Class of 1990 Scholarship$6,535$7,127
Class of 1991 Scholarship$3,287$3,642
Class of 1992 Scholarship$3,282$3,632
Class of 1993 Scholarship$3,856$4,338
Class of 1994 Scholarship$5,283$5,885
Class of 1995 Scholarship$6,409$7,423
Class of 1996 Scholarship$3,087$3,699
Class of 1997 Scholarship$5,000$5,519
Class of 1998 Scholarship$5,000$5,560
Class of 2001 Scholarship$100$117
Class of 2005 Scholarship$10,025$10,744
Class of 2006 Scholarship$2,520$2,940
Class of 2007 Garden Fund$10,000$10,586
Class of 2009 Scholarship$2,961$3,598
Class of 2011 Scholarship$161$177
Class of 2015 Scholarship$4,127$4,517
Class of 2016 Scholarship$2,050$2,132
Class of 2017 Scholarship$2,793$2,899
Class of 2018 Scholarship$10$10
Class of 2019 Scholarship$230$241
Class of 2020 Scholarship Fund$5$5
Clayton, Arthur C. Horticulture Scholarship$32,768$45,632
Clayton, Norma Towne Scholarship$29,500$32,425
Cleaves, Louis S. Fund$8,078$13,917
Clement, Claude F. & Lillian O. Fund$77,499$81,720
Clement, Claude F. 4-H Scholarship$10,000$11,196
Clement, Claude F. Scholarship$409,482$431,923
Clements, Norris Charles Graduate Student Award$47,486$50,055
Cloke, Dean Paul Memorial Plaza Endowment$11,720$14,318
Cloke, Dean Paul Memorial Scholarship$21,055$23,330
Coaches Fund$0$13,893
Cobb, Eric W. Scholarship$36,900$39,479
Cobb, Norman E. Cobb Memorial Scholarship$915,825$967,376
Cobb, Robert "Bob" A. Scholarship$16,279$17,281
Coffey-Roope, Cara W. Scholarship$507$661
Coffin, John W. & Miriam H. Fund ('38 Student Aid Fund)$4,748$5,278
Coffin, John W. & Miriam H. Fund (Page Farm & Home Museum)$2,374$2,728
Coffin, John W. & Miriam H. Fund (Senior Alumni Scholarship)$4,748$5,278
Cohen Institute for Leadership and Public Service Excellence Fund$23,812$30,352
Cohen, Harry & Ida Scholarship$58,625$64,746
Cohen, Mark H. Alumni Association Fund$107,563$115,135
Cohen, William S. Institute for Leadership and Public Service Fund$763,079$805,571
Cohen, William S. Papers Fund II$142,857$373,017
Colby, Calen B. '85, '91G & Sarah Emily Colby PaCEsetter Scholarship Fund$21,000$23,706
Cole, Garret E. and Marsha E. Scholarship$20,225$21,081
Cole, Sherman L. & Edith S. Scholarship$26,909$28,502
Cole, Stephen W. Concrete Laboratory Fund$80,000$86,826
Col-East, Inc. SVT Scholarship$6,000$6,458
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Scholarship$37,119$39,232
Collins Center for the Arts Directors Fund$23,548$31,949
Collins Center for the Arts General Endowment$32,065$34,930
Collins Quasi Endowment$67,175$93,125
Collins, Jr., Professor Edward J. Scholarship$5,000$5,515
Collins, Pamela Jean Nursing and Education Fund$235,100$264,540
Collins, Richard R. and Anne A. Endowment for the Collins Art Center$1,376,914$1,473,451
Collins, Samuel W. Fund$67,837$71,922
Comstock-Weston Scholarship$9,600$12,424
Condon, John M. Forestry Scholarship$20,000$22,503
Connell, Bennett R. Memorial Scholarship$35,390$81,952
Cookson, Chris E. Fund$1,000$1,243
Cooper, Roger D. Scholarship$120,309$128,008
Corban, Paul J. Fund$10,000$16,856
Corbett, Ralph A. Fund$0$20,048
Corcoran, Thomas J. Jr. Memorial Scholarship$58,460$61,755
Cote, Edward & Lea Anne Scholarship$6,934$7,401
Cote, Michael & Jana Scholarship$27,000$30,429
Coulter, Malcolm W. Wildlife Alumni Scholarship$53,964$60,491
Cox, Dr. Dennis K. University Singers Fund$19,130$20,296
Coy, Marion C. Scholarship$10,000$10,718
CPM Constructors Scholarship$94,565$102,621
Cranch, Gene S. Nursing Scholarship Fund$62,000$71,396
Crawford, James A. & Janie K. Endowed Scholarship Fund$72,500$76,974
Criner, Francie and Family Fund$700$718
Cristo, Dr. Anthony B. and Mary G. Scholarship$73,043$80,363
Crocker, Gladys Folster Memorial Scholarship$59,709$63,780
Crocker, James D. Fund$2,412$12,378
Crohn, Frank & Helene Barton's Boosters Quasi-Endowed Fund$40,875$49,704
Crohn, Frank & Helene Edna St. Vincent Millay Prize$299,583$339,820
Crohn, Frank & Helene Edna St. Vincent Millay Society Quasi-Endowed Fund$40,927$49,122
Crohn, Frank & Helene Lobster Institute Fund$50,000$52,684
Crosby, George-Philip R. Brown Memorial Fund$30,257$34,311
Crosby, Howard A. and Kenneth L. Parsons Award$1,676$2,734
Crosby, Mark and Carolyn Fund$11,500$15,577
Crosby, Ruth M. Scholarship$29,179$30,146
Cross, Mark S. & Melanie CHE Excellence Fund$25,015$28,138
Crossland, Carlton E. Scholarship$20,000$22,956
Crossland, Charles E. & Idella G. Scholarship$51,742$58,215
Crowe, James Hartley M.D. '32 & Esther Taylor Crowe Memorial Scholarship$44,225$48,155
Crowell, C. Parker Fund$157,006$174,633
Crowley Family Research & Development Fund$130,000$139,904
Crowley, Charles L. & Julia G. Scholarship$579,749$668,379
Croxford, Horace & Isabelle Scholarship$16,000$16,951
Crump, Jr., James G. Fund$20,500$21,362
Cumberland Farms, Inc./Paul E. Hand Scholarship$130,349$142,013
Cummings, Kenneth E. and Marie K. Scholarship$25,275$32,077
Cummings, Patricia A. '89, '44H Scholarship$33,397$35,339
Currie, Darrel B. '36 Memorial Scholarship$18,901$19,913
Currier, Enid Fletcher Scholarship$1,000$1,018
Currier, Stanley M. Scholarship$10,000$18,866
Curtis Performing Arts Fund$4,050$4,602
Cutler, Dr. Harold M. '30 Fund$270,423$285,615
Cutting, Edward C. & Grace A. Fund$605,463$678,999
Cutting, Edward C. & Grace A. Merit Scholarship$1,210,484$1,346,889
Dachs, Carl Family Scholarship$6,500$7,089
Dahl-Chase Pathology Associates Medical Technology Fund$20,000$21,795
Daigle, Robert W. & Brenda M. Scholarship$23,830$24,919
Dane, Richard D. '50 and Beverly M. Mechanical Engineering Scholarship$37,500$39,397
Danforth, Eugene Fund$5,200$10,386
Danforth, Eugene Scholarship$22,362$54,585
Dann, Eleanor C. '70, '72G and Harry K. Scholarship$34,700$36,687
Darling, Agatha B. Professor of Oceanography$364,221$418,259
Darling, Clare S. Professor of Oceanography$364,221$563,272
Darling, Ira C. Fund$4,729,176$5,257,328
Davee, Everett W. Scholarship$10,138$11,354
Davis, George Science Education Scholarship$19,666$21,437
Dawson, Jon and Nancy Fund$20,500$22,967
Day, Clarence Albert '29H Scholarship$25,000$28,072
Dearborn, John H. & Bethel B. Darling Marine Center Fund$432,343$456,279
Dearborn, John H. & Bethel B. Marine Sciences Fund$445,142$468,974
Dearborn, Vance E. '49 & Evelyn Ellsworth Dearborn '49 Scholarship$36,450$41,058
DeBoo, Robert (Bob) Scholarship$20,135$22,220
Delphendahl, Renate & Johannes Scholarship$18,694$19,776
Demaso, L. William and Marie Family Fund$82,924$88,834
Dempsey, Edmund J. Scholarship$283,394$294,067
Denaco, Alden F. '32 Award for Excellence in Banking Studies$25,000$27,234
Denaco-Devino-Martin Award for Excellence in Alternative Dispute Resolution$25,068$27,525
Denaco-Mawhinney Constitutional Law Fund$22,018$25,221
Denico, Frederick L. '63 Chemical Engineering Fund$30,350$32,246
Dental Health Programs Endowment$204,334$255,368
Desmond, Thomas J. Fund$19,120$20,012
Devoe, Dana C. and Mary Ann Scholarship$32,300$33,341
Devoe, Mary Ann Nontraditional Student Scholarship$23,850$26,432
DeWilde, John A. & Nancy Cameron DeWilde Fund$54,988$59,721
DeWolfe, Robert W. Scholarship$43,374$143,561
Diamond, Nat & Eleanor Scholarship$5,246$5,950
Dickey, Kenneth and Prudy Scholarship Fund$332,086$344,188
Dickison Robertson Scholarship$178,374$199,543
DiGiovanni, Joseph P. Family Athletic Scholarship$68,000$74,550
DiMillo, Albert A., Jr. Junior Class Accounting Scholarship$28,000$31,514
DiMillo, Albert A., Jr. Senior Class Accounting Scholarship$30,000$33,601
DiMillo, Albert A., Jr. Sophomore Class Accounting Scholarship$28,000$30,670
DiMillo, Linda Stevens Scholarship$34,005$37,473
Dimitrov, Ivelin and Ralitza Scholarship$20,000$22,436
Dinneen, W. Robert '37 Forestry Scholarship$25,585$32,849
Dixon, Leon S. Scholarship$5,811$11,020
Doane, Stanley R. '34 and Faye D. Scholarship$817,591$862,879
Dodge, Donald I. '48 Memorial Scholarship$10,000$13,180
Doherty, Huguette P. Labbe Franco-American Centre Fund$148$183
Donahue, Merrill L. '43 Fund$151,276$163,285
Donahue, Merrill L. Grace Bible Fellowship$50,906$55,421
Donnell, Lora Margaret Fund$15,495$16,627
Donovan, Frances M. '43 Student Recreation and Fitness Center$400,500$437,465
Donovan, Joseph A. and Mary A. Scholarship$419,666$452,779
Dorr, David L. Forestry Fund$13,801$15,525
Dorsky, Benjamin J. Memorial Scholarship$14,553$15,342
Doten, Henry L. & Cora Russell Scholarship $8,958$14,761
Doten, Herbert & Patricia Scholarship $23,655$24,981
Dougherty, Joseph R. '26 Language Scholarship$52,817$54,494
Dow, George F. Graduate Scholarship$26,018$37,209
Downing, Elizabeth Fund$3,152$4,185
Doyle Family Athletic Scholarship$69,188$73,563
Dressage Club Quasi-Endowment Fund$830$1,077
Dressler Student Athlete Scholarship Fund$130$110
Drummond, Henry Frank Scholarship$10,000$11,198
Duncan, Peter & Lynda Bangor Symphony Orchestra Fund$18,800$21,742
Dunham, Wallace C. & Janet S. Ecology and Environmental Sciences Program Scholarship$58,758$62,775
Dunham, Wallace C. & Janet S. Prize$52,164$56,363
Dunn, Pauline M. Fund$294,204$310,766
Dunn, The Patricia McDonough Fund$8,000$8,864
Durst Education Fund$44,557$150,850
Durst, Dr. Katherine Miles Maine Christian Association Fund$50,000$52,393
Durst, Katherine Miles Scholarship$280,942$310,621
Durst, Richard E. Scholarship$279,687$310,106
Dutton, Robert C. '45 Scholarship$26,190$27,607
Early Literacy Fund$24,909$27,976
Eastman, Charles Leslie & Helen H. Scholarship II$99,422$108,404
Eaton Family New Writing Series Fund$10,000$10,379
Eaton, Emma Jane Scholarship$10,000$30,290
Ebbeson, Greta J. Scholarship$10,000$10,875
Ecology & Environmental Sciences Field Study Scholarship Fund$805$806
Electrical & Computer Engineering Fund$25,042$27,322
Elliott, James E. Class of 1951 Scholarship$2,279$3,307
Elliott, James E. Mechanical Engineering Fund$2,279$3,307
Elliott, Lloyd H. and Evelyn E. Education Scholarship$25,000$26,387
Elliott, Lloyd H. and Evelyn E. Scholarship$20,219$30,732
Elliott, Robert H. '50 and Jane S. '49 Fund (Art Dept)$26,667$28,169
Elliott, Robert H. '50 and Jane S. '49 Fund (Forestry)$26,667$28,174
Elliott, Roderick R. '38 Memorial Scholarship$8,565$11,805
Ellis, Jerry Scholarship$20,955$22,896
Ellis, Milton Memorial Fund$25,000$26,350
Ellis, Milton Prize$4,363$7,611
Ellis-Young Engineering Scholarship$13,108$15,864
Emera Inc. Robert S. Briggs Engineering Scholarship$62,500$65,661
Emera Maine Power Systems Laboratory Fund$100,000$109,206
Emera Maine, Inc. Prof. Richard C. Hill Engineering Scholarship Fund$18,200$18,821
Emerick, Richard Endowment for the Hudson Museum$61,475$64,811
Emerson, Jacqueline A. Women's Basketball Fund$100$103
Emerson, Jerome A. & Hazel B. Agriculture Scholarship$56,023$59,338
Emerson, Jerome A. & Hazel B. Page Farm and Home Museum$1,174$1,451
Emery, Harry A. '06 Scholarship$100,391$190,147
Emery, Philip H. & Sylvia M. Emergent Needs Fund$125,430$175,140
Erikson '43, Gordon I. and Dorothy B. Erikson '42 Family Scholarship$31,250$35,498
Erikson, Gordon I. & Dorothy B. Scholarship in Memory of Arthur H. Porter, Sr. and Dorothy V. Porter$29,792$31,447
Etter, Howard & Bertha Scholarship$10,212$10,775
Eustis, Dick & Libby Scholarship$183,053$198,673
Evans, Laurence and Elizabeth Taylor Evans Fund$11,062$12,074
Evans, Weston S. Scholarship$38,830$43,742
Everett, George D. Fund$15,553$84,797
Everett, Vaughn Beveridge Fund$842,299$1,009,311
Everman, Welch D. and Katherine L. Major Memorial Travel Fund for Writers and Tutors$21,583$22,827
Fairchild Semiconductor Quasi-Endowed Scholarship$72$10,078
Fairchild Semiconductor Scholarship$108,299$117,841
Farmer, Harold E. Scholarship$161,007$175,262
Farrington, Perl V. and Virginia A. Scholarship Fund$233,204$237,062
Faulkner, Alaric Scholarship$10,355$11,741
Ferguson, Virginia & Roger New England Section Scholarship$60,150$63,677
Ferland, E. James and Eileen Engineering Excellence Scholarship$666,297$726,727
Fernald, Cyrus F. & Emily S. Fund$103,219$180,416
Ferreira, Joanne Bodwell Civil Engineering Scholarship$20,000$22,578
Ferris, David A. '71, '78G and Susan W. Ferris Quasi-Endowment Fund$50,000$54,374
Ferris, Joseph L. Baseball Fund$1,104$1,371
Fitzgerald, Hamalee Scholarship$31,250$33,335
Flagg, Warren W. & Hazel S. Flagg Scholarship$182,082$192,218
Flagg, Warren W. and Hazel S. Alumni House Fund$248,970$278,579
Flagg, Warren W. and Hazel S. Alumni House Fund II$123,578$138,287
Flaherty, Beatrice P. Scholarship$20,000$21,979
Flaherty, Michael I. '72 & Ellen Pratt Flaherty '71 (Library) Fund$15,000$16,392
Flaherty, Michael I. '72 & Ellen Pratt Flaherty '71 (Schol.) Fund$20,000$21,305
Flaherty, Virgil E. Scholarship$20,000$21,979
Flanders, Burton E. Scholarship$10,423$19,728
Flanders, Dale & Julia Engineering Leadership Scholarship$40,000$43,017
Fletcher, Elizabeth M. K. Healthcare Scholarship$200,132$210,935
Fogler Library Building Addition$21,000$38,400
Fogler Library Friends Endowment$2,674$3,198
Fogler Library Friends Quasi-Endowment$85,296$131,639
Fogler, Henry H. '43 & Mary Moynihan '43 Scholarship$48,713$51,477
Fogler, Raymond H. '15 Library Endowment$14,941$15,831
Fogler, Raymond H. Library Acquisition Fund$7,765$31,284
For Mike and Maine Scholarship$97,520$103,789
Forensics Club Quasi-Endowment Fund$0$217
Forest Stewardship Quasi-Endowment$16,210$49,025
Fortier, Rosaire E. and Marie Jeanne Dumont Scholarship Fund$29,510$32,774
Foster Student Recreation & Fitness Center$1,000$1,252
Foster, Bion and Dorain Alumni House Endowment Fund$232,050$245,168
Foster, Bion and Dorain Student Innovation Center Fund$7,150$8,132
Foster, Robert H. '56 Scholarship$25,413$28,267
Foster, Walter H. III Bonuses Fund$15,033$16,913
Foster, Walter H. III Building Fund$22,549$25,370
Foster, Walter H. III Fund$112,746$123,853
Foundation Directors' Fund$0$119,386
Founders' Endowment Fund$119,500$133,375
Fournier, Richard P. Jr. Memorial Scholarship$22,530$23,838
Fowler, Meta R. Scholarship$12,500$13,994
Franco-American Centre General Endowment$2,519$3,326
Franco-American LeForum$1,053$4,641
Francoeur, Greg Memorial Scholarship$230,108$257,352
Franklin, Lynn Memorial Folklife Fund$4,617$4,976
Fraser, Jessie L. Fund$5,119$8,866
Frazier Family Scholarship$16,697$19,090
Freeman, Stanley L. & Patricia Smith Ranzoni Belief Scholarship$47,127$51,494
French Graduate Student International Study Scholarship$22,506$27,520
Frenning, Mary W. University of Maine Hutchinson Center Scholarship$12,800$14,167
Friends of Music Endowment$17,972$22,225
Fuehrer, Robert & Sharon Library Scholarship$33,625$37,846
Fuehrer, Sharon Ward and Robert C. Scholarship$28,625$30,998
Furet, Carol Morton Scholarship$2,500$4,576
Gagne, Karen Hatch National 4-H Congress Legacy Fund$25,000$27,990
Gagnon, Lionel & Germaine Memorial Fund$140,860$151,168
Gallant, John and Lynn Scholarship$550$731
Gallant, Rodney E. Memorial Scholarship$5,105$5,627
Gannett, James Adrian Scholarship$19,733$41,076
Gardiner, Margaret Forestry Management Fund$137,005$145,203
Gardiner, Margaret School of Forest Resources Fund$194,468$205,888
Gardiner, Margaret Woodlands Operation Fund$97,234$102,948
Gardner Family Scholarship$5,083$5,700
Garnache, Suzanne Wilke Scholarship$52,885$63,736
Gay, Carol & George New England Section Scholarship$79,823$82,893
Gay, Dora I. Scholarship$10,394$11,460
General Fund$741$7,436
Geomatics Society of New England Section Ellsworth V. Stanley Surveying Engineering Technology (SVT) Scholarship$45,503$64,055
George, Catherine F. Scholarship$1,000,000$1,049,481
George, Jean Praderio '80 & Dr. Edward E. Scholarship$4,000$4,275
Georgia-Pacific Corporation Forestry Scholarship$30,000$33,736
Gerke, Andrew Memorial Sigma Phi Epsilon Scholarship$33,900$38,099
Germick, Rose Whitmore '38 Scholarship$170,222$186,282
Gerrish, Harold A. "Doc" Athletic Scholarship$25,000$26,438
Gerrish, Harold A. "Doc" Physics Scholarship$25,000$26,438
Gerrity II, J. Frank Scholarship$140,500$148,396
Gerrity, Joe Warren '09 Scholarship$142,374$157,069
Gerry, Dr. Richard W. Sr. '38 Fund$3,000$3,419
Gerry, Harold R. Memorial Fund$150$196
Gershman, Professor Melvin Scholarship$24,468$25,804
Gershman-Tewksbury '77, Dr. Melaine Scholarship$23,647$24,969
Getchell, Harold and Mary Fund$691,735$731,825
Gibbs, Frederick D. '18 Scholarship$15,941$20,779
Giddings, Edwin L. and Barbara M. Alumni House Endowment$33,499$37,996
Giddings, Edwin L. Professorship in Forest Management$101,525$195,206
Gilbert, Charles E. Loan Fund$11,527,233$12,615,033
Gilbert, Fred A. Scholarship$2,070$2,613
Gilchrist, Ruth W. '51 Fund$5,613$6,705
Gilmore Scholarship$578,361$610,027
Gilmore, Dr. Carol B. Memorial Service Award$5,622$6,168
Ginn, Adah Patch & Clifford Spruance Patch Scholarship$540,585$571,516
Ginn, Adah Patch & Jean Spruance Patch Scholarship$23,605$26,295
Ginsberg, George S. Memorial Fund$100,002$109,126
Giordano, William M. and Cynthia A. Fund$7,923$8,492
Girl Scouts of Maine Sarah J. Medina Scholarship$16,461$17,383
Glanville, A. Douglas Research and Scholarship$17,220$18,232
Glenn, Tamela Scholarship$26,600$28,899
Godfrey, Joline Scholarship$1,750$2,019
Golden "M" Athletic Award$1,500$2,494
Goodwin, Carroll C. Scholarship$52,083$55,132
Goodwin, Helen and Louise Biggie Scholarship Fund$5,000$5,588
Goodwin, Lloyd E. '34 Scholarship$10,232$10,967
Gordon, Pamela B. and John Jakubowycz Scholarship$14,000$15,761
Gorham Savings Bank Continuing Scholarship$20,000$22,404
Gorham Savings Bank Scholarship$48,034$51,168
Gorrill, William R. Civil Engineering Scholarship$34,852$38,093
Gorrill-Palmer Soil Mechanics Laboratory Fund$100,000$105,586
Gould & Scammon Fund$13,616$36,088
Gould, George P. & Antoinette Gould Torrey Fund$6,017$12,388
Gould, Ralph A. & Hazel H. Scholarship$199,189$215,490
Gould, Roger D. '52 Senior Design Project Innovation$5,600$7,455
Gould, Stephen Legislative Memorial Scholarship$56,590$62,480
Gould, Stephen Memorial Scholarship/Psi Chapter Kappa Sigma$6,650$10,986
Gould, Steve Award$14,888$56,507
Gower, John P. and Marie M. Fund$108,630$122,259
Graduate Student Government of the University of Maine Quasi-Endowment$106,756$144,102
Graffam, Pearl R. Scholarship$909$2,443
Graham, Lawrence & Muriel Alumni House Fund$89,014$96,527
Grant, Donald A. Professorship in Mechanical Engineering$782,112$957,913
Grant, Judith Dawn Memorial Scholarship$16,469$18,721
Grant, Judson "Bud" & Bette Football Scholarship$20,000$22,551
Grant, Margaret L. Scholarship$51,167$54,057
Gray, George R. & Norma M. Buchanan Alumni House Fund$25,000$29,938
Gray, George R. '50 & Norma M. '52 Perennial Garden Fund$10,000$13,619
Gray, Norma Mooers & George R. Scholarship$120,960$127,944
Gray, Rena Sawyer & Kelsey Clement Gray Scholarship$10,000$11,243
Great Falls Scholarship$5,700$6,353
Green Endowment Fund$150$242
Green Lake Fund$245,356$263,184
Greenlaw, Lacy Memorial Scholarship$2,525$2,861
Greenwood, George W. & Abbie M. Civil Engineering Scholarship$19,000$20,038
Greig, William & Emily Memorial Scholarship$25,000$27,670
Grenfell, Clarine Coffin '32 Student Poetry Prize and Poetry Speaker Fund$19,083$21,920
Griffin, Lucy F. Scholarship$10,000$30,290
Griffin, Ralph H. Memorial Scholarship$57,590$70,781
Guesman, Arthur O. Memorial Scholarship$20,010$22,336
Guice, John Lawrence Scholarship$25,100$27,807
Gunther Engineering Surveying Engineering Technology (SVT) Scholarship$19,890$20,667
Hagan, Patricia Kittredge Fund$26,925$29,247
Halkett, James E. & Geraldine I. Scholarship$19,170$20,782
Hall, Chenoweth Scholarship$484,921$549,353
Hall, Chenoweth Scholarship (Orono)$468,813$539,895
Hall, Clifton A. Scholarship$38,244$85,217
Hall, Doug & Deborah Great Aspirations! Fund$50,000$53,463
Hall, Dr. Philip A. '53 and Joan Hall Scholarship Fund$57,249$58,070
Hall, Edward C. '48 and Dorothy Moran Hall '43 Scholarship$21,000$22,583
Hallee, Jerome P. and Pauline D. Scholarship$51,659$54,417
Halliday, Charlotte Elkin Scholarship$8,768$10,095
Hamblen, George W. Fund$38,298$83,630
Hamilton, Dr. Gordon Memorial Fund$3,590$4,045
Hamilton, Susan and Philip Humanities Fund$6,000$6,663
Hamilton, Wayne A., P.E. Civil Engineering Scholarship$255,000$273,860
Hamlet, Robert C. Fund$1,305$3,935
Hamlin, Arthur and Marianne Experiential Engineering Education Fund$100,000$112,382
Hamlin, George O. '00 Scholarship$1,500$4,561
Hamm, Alton '38 and Adelaide Campus Activity Fund$1,526,840$1,719,009
Hamm, Alton '38 and Adelaide Student Design Project Lab Fund$100,000$109,346
Hamm, Alton S. & Adelaide B. Scholarship$497,041$546,669
Hancock County Alumni Association Scholarship$6,685$8,641
Hanger, Jane Gerry Chase Scholarship$15,087$15,964
Hannigan, William J. III '11 Memorial Scholarship$23,075$24,600
Hanscom, Jane Longo Scholarship$32,500$36,078
Hansen, Don Memorial Lectureship Fund$6,599$7,810
Hanson Family Fund$14,124$15,374
Hardison, Norma 4-H Club Creativity Legacy Fund$25,000$27,990
Hardy, Malcolm D. PaCEsetter Endowed Scholarship$100,002$106,725
Hardy, Sandra E. Theatre Scholarship$10,174$11,123
Harmon, Perley F. '19 & Ella F. Memorial Scholarship$62,615$66,985
Harper, Thomas D. Scholarship$6,975$7,708
Harriman, John Philip Scholarship$500,000$538,878
Harrington, Donna Graves '48 Scholarship$23,791$24,883
Harrington, Dr. Avery & Carolyn Native American Scholarship $61,444$65,159
Harris, Charles M. Fund$34,976$78,667
Harris, James W. II '41 & Barbara Ashworth '41 Scholarship$14,750$16,596
Harris, President Abram W. Award$15,476$20,421
Harrison, Elizabeth T. Bearce & Oliver W. Scholarship$6,984$7,486
Harrison, Hazel M. '48 Fund$45,657$50,132
Hart, Gerald F. and Marjorie T. Hart '38 Fund$46,500$53,697
Hart, James Norris Scholarship$7,469$22,634
Harvey Family Scholarship$75,385$79,718
Haskell, Mark R. and Katherine Zeitlin Haskell Honors Scholarship$15,000$17,045
Haskell, Robert N. & Gladys M. Stetson Scholarship$16,800$22,521
Haskell, Robert N. '25 Power Engineering Professorship$250,000$291,030
Hastings, James W. Family Scholarship #2$32,580$34,398
Hathaway, Arthur C. Family Fund$25,330$28,430
Hauck, Arthur A. & Gladys R. Fund$49,102$73,106
Hauck, President Scholarship$8,006$13,822
Haverlock, Joseph L. and Miriam A. Scholarship$46,531$49,080
Hawes, Robert and Alice Family Fund$10,000$11,176
Hayes, Kenneth P. Memorial Scholarship$3,015$4,098
Hayes, Mary Christine & Paul E. Memorial Scholarship$50,250$55,209
Haynes, Frank L. Graduate Student Research Award$68,085$77,011
Heald, Kathleen M. Scholarship$10,000$10,718
Heanssler, Basil and Harriett Lobster Institute Fund$222,620$235,664
Hebrew Ladies Aid Society Fund$37,878$45,734
Helmke, John Memorial Scholarship$6,327$7,705
Hemphill, Margaret & Creighton Equine Scholarship Fund$12,651$14,118
Henderson, Richard W. '44 Engineering Physics Fund$13,700$14,729
Herbert, Joseph F. Maine Business School Scholarship$233,662$198,892
Hickey Family Elementary Education Scholarship$30,600$33,175
Higgins, Richard and Jean Materials Testing Laboratory$111,025$117,245
Higgins, Thomas C. Sr. First-Year Scholarship$9,999$10,972
Highlands, Ramona P. Phi Mu Scholarship$229,645$264,055
Highlands, Matthew E. & Ramona P. Food Science and Human Nutrition Scholarship$115,330$125,673
Highlands, Matthew E. & Ramona P. Mathematics Scholarship$115,030$125,349
Hilborn Memorial Research Fund in Plant Pathology$4,156$7,197
Hill, Arthur St. John Fund$5,455$6,613
Hill, Elizabeth C. & Richard C. Fund$51,536$67,791
Hill, Kathleen R. Scholarship$7,600$8,545
Hill, Richard C. & Elizabeth C. Hill Family Fund #1 (CCA)$94,856$104,426
Hill, Richard C. & Elizabeth C. Hill Family Fund #2 (Eng.)$94,856$104,426
Hill, Richard C. & Elizabeth C. Hill Family Fund #3 (Honors)$94,856$104,426
Hill, Richard C. & Elizabeth C. Hill Family Fund #4 (Music)$94,856$104,426
Hill, Richard C. & Elizabeth C. Hill Family Fund #5 (DIC)$94,856$104,426
Hill, Roger B. Scholarship #1 (Merit)$100,000$193,559
Hill, Roger B. Scholarship #2 (Athletic)$100,000$193,559
Hill, Roger B. Scholarship #3 (Engineering)$100,000$186,919
Hill, Roger B. Scholarship #4 (Humanities)$100,000$167,035
Hill, Roger B. Scholarship #5 (General)$26,987$45,017
Hill, Wilson A. & Mylissa K. Scholarship$68,882$88,795
Hilton, William R. and Mary C. Fund$24,790$28,864
Hinkley, Philip J. Scholarship$3,205$4,075
Hitchings, George P. Memorial Scholarship$13,450$14,520
Hockey Athletic Scholarship$3,225$3,761
Hodes, Mary R. Student Loan Fund$604,570$631,251
Hodgkins, Herbert O. Lobster Research$5,321$5,698
Hodosh, Ellen Keough, PhD, Graduate Fellowship Fund$492,807$559,514
Hogan Family Alumni Support Fund$59,571$63,355
Holden-Brado Scholarship$526,366$575,090
Holmer, Ellen W, Scholarship$535,591$525,849
Holmes, David Dunlap Scholarship$52,186$55,020
Holmes, Jane Fund (Camp Tanglewood)$50,487$67,275
Holmes, Jane Fund (Littlefield Gardens)$50,487$67,275
Holmes, Jane Fund (Page Farm & Home Museum)$50,487$67,275
Holmes, Jane Fund (Roger Luce Scholarship)$50,487$67,275
Holt, Master Sergeant Thelma M. ROTC Scholarship$25,600$26,976
Homola, Richard L. Mycological Herbarium Fund$109,511$126,823
Honors College Aspiration Scholarship$9,869$11,290
Honors College Endowment$53,001$65,782
Honors College Legacy Fund$7,305$8,038
Hooper, William Gordon and Laura Snow Scholarship $52,419$55,257
Hoover, Professor William Fund$30,000$31,630
Horan, James F. Memorial Scholarship$12,935$14,005
Horner, William R. and Suzanne R. Scholarship$24,912$27,368
Horsman, Ruth Higgins '45 Scholarship$19,999$21,348
Hosmer, Thomas P. '58 Design Engineering Center$602,316$638,325
Hosmer, Thomas P. Fund$8,422,341$9,209,546
Hosmer, Thomas P. Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering$575,000$609,821
Houghton Family Honors Program Fund$12,963$13,475
Houghton, John W. '42 & Muriel E. '44 Memorial Scholarship$8,410$11,014
Houghton, Lloyd and Villa Fund$157,011$166,322
Houston, George L. Forestry Fund$200,756$212,302
Houston, George L. Fund$12,036,931$12,644,404
Hovey, Christopher Fund to Support the Ann Taylor Hovey Butterfly & Hummingbird Garden$8,959$9,512
Hovey, Christopher J. Alumni House Endowment$11,687$12,433
Howe, Jim '69 Memorial Scholarship$13,518$14,783
Howes, Leroy F. Scholarship$35,737$38,950
Huang, Raymond L. & Florinda F. Scholarship$73,767$76,657
Huber, Nancy Scamman Nontraditional Student Endowment$16,875$18,745
Humphrey PaCEsetter Scholarship$53,000$59,121
Humphrey, Doris Roberts, H. Lawrence, George Lawrence and Barbara 4-H Scholarship Endowment$10,000$11,351
Humphrey, Wallace "Bud" Memorial Scholarship$10,821$14,336
Hunter, M. Perry Jr. '52 Alumni Association Endowment Fund$135,314$138,564
Hunter, Perry '52 Product Development Fund$126,052$132,892
Hunter, President Susan J. Fund$92,403$98,451
Hutchinson Center of Belfast Endowed Scholarship$30,255$33,695
Hutchinson, Frederick E. & Dione W. Presidential Scholarship$53,516$59,446
Hutchinson, Frederick E. 4-H Scholarship$15,350$17,388
Hutchinson, Frederick E. '53,'58 & Dione W. '54,'71 Scholarship$11,348$12,019
Hyland, Fay Fund$11,789$16,479
Hyman, Carole L. Scholarship$45,496$50,673
Ibbotson, Louis T. Fund$55,105$61,993
Ilse, Linda Marie Wildlife Ecology Scholarship$10,000$10,709
Innes, Donald W. '43 Scholarship$20,695$21,816
International Biological Conservation Fund$235,992$367,240
International Students Association Team '05-'06 Scholarship$5,419$5,974
Irving Chair for Forest Ecosystem Management$1,000,000$1,058,081
Ives, Sandy and Bobby Fund$18,035$19,305
Ives, Sandy Folklore and Oral History Endowment$160,135$172,005
Jackman, Laura Hodgins & Percy E. Memorial Fund$10,817$12,195
Jacobs, Brenda and Larry Scholarship$40,357$43,926
Jacobs, Stephen & Isabel '44 Scholarship$62,850$65,916
Jacobson, George L. Jr. Quaternary & Climate Studies Fund$11,000$12,837
Jacobson-Loring Art Fund$261,647$328,426
Jean, Raymond A. '65 and Louise C. Scholarship$175,000$185,176
Jenkins, James D. & Anne Witham Jenkins Scholarship$24,000$27,003
Jensen, Laurits C. and Dorothea Scholarship$74,783$84,850
Jewett Brothers Scholarship$20,400$22,949
Jewish Community Council of Bangor$178,000$216,709
Jewish Community Endowment Associates Endowment Fund$294,586$343,104
Johnson, Dr. Robert S. Scholarship$14,076$15,413
Johnson, Joyanne Jewett Scholarship Fund$8,338$9,335
Johnson, Marc A. Memorial Fund$8,560$9,058
Johnson, Mary A. '55 Presidential Scholarship$15,690$17,638
Johnson, William Whidden '32 & Irene Johnson Rich Scholarship$18,462$19,457
Johnson-Marshall Scholarship$71,817$75,682
Johnstone, Dr. Anne Margaret Lecture Fund (Computer Science)$11,912$13,654
Johnstone, Dr. Anne Margaret Lecture Fund (Women's Studies)$11,762$14,269
Jones, Charles E. '78 Scholarship$19,830$22,283
Jones, Laurence A. Jr. Scholarship$31,942$33,806
Jones, Rendle A. '65 & Patricia K. '65 Honors Thesis Fellowship$57,000$64,118
Jones, Una Greenlaw Fund$302,290$340,193
Jordan, Kenneth Clark '44 Scholarship$25,000$28,212
Jordan, Maynard F. Fund$840,943$887,903
Jordan, Wesley D. Fund$17,820$44,804
Joy, Norwood F. and Edith D. Scholarship$22,527$23,826
Kaplan, Arnold and Bobby Prize$20,561$23,534
Katahdin Forest Products Scholarship$8,000$8,862
Kearns, William M. Jr. '57 and Patricia Anne Kearns '57 Scholarship for Maine Business School$16,100$18,168
Kebo Bears Athletic Scholarship$11,726$15,866
Keefe Family Scholarship$8,000$8,630
Keene, Charles E. Scholarship$198,652$204,942
Keene, Della R. Fund$198,652$204,942
Keep Maine Unique Sustainability Scholarship$26,000$28,627
Kelley, John F. "Jack" III Scholarship$15,350$16,034
Kellogg, Thelma Louise Fund$17,080$76,187
Kelly, Abby Sargent Neese '32 Creative Writing Scholarship$70,074$77,876
Kelly, Brian Surveying Scholarship$9,175$10,143
Kemble Family Scholarship Fund$940$1,003
Kennebec Valley Alumni Chapter Scholarship$11,650$12,462
Kennedy, President Robert A. Senior Alumni Scholarship$33,046$36,788
Kennedy, Ralph F. Memorial Fund$1,780$2,485
Kent, Benjamin C. Fund$6,068$18,392
Kent, Cheri & Michelle Brichacek Scholarship$10,500$11,814
Kenway Corporation and the Kenneth Priest II, Michael Priest and Ian Kopp Families Polymer Matrix Composites Laboratory Fund$100,000$108,656
Kepware Digital Systems & Robotics Laboratory Fund$65,000$69,484
Keswick, William B. Memorial Scholarship$5,000$5,328
Ketchum, Frank Wentworth '41 Scholarship$10,000$10,543
Kezis, Alan College of Natural Sciences, Forestry and Agriculture Student Emergency Fund$5,505$6,321
Kilby, Lucy H. Scholarship$24,632$35,900
Killam Canadian Fund$27,990$29,500
Kimball, Harold V. Agricultural Sciences Scholarship$61,083$124,628
King, Edie McVay Scholarship$22,349$23,854
King, Louis C. Scholarship$18,250$19,501
King, Nellie Ruth Pillsbury Memorial Scholarship$373,165$398,595
King, Stephen E. Chair in Literature Endowment$1,005,000$1,157,056
Kingsland, Earle B. Fund$8,485$34,049
Kleinschmidt Associates Civil Engineering Hydraulics Laboratory$100,000$111,330
Knapp, Jane Stinchfield Scholarship$20,099$22,549
Kneeland, Douglas E. Journalism Scholarship$30,004$31,689
Kneeland, Henry Wilton '02 Scholarship$44,275$46,671
Knight, Fred and Jane Forestry Scholarship$34,535$36,601
Knowles, Dr. John E. '55 and Ann Dingwell Knowles '57 Scholarship$100$104
Knowlton, Barbara S. Senior Alumni Scholarship$11,676$13,138
Knowlton, Gwen E. Scholarship$789,867$894,864
Knowlton, Ralph G. Memorial Fund$31,129$42,112
Kopel, Byron E. Scholarship$263,500$287,056
Kopp, William Thomas and Frances Ellen Memorial Scholarship$12,150$12,978
Kornetsky, Conan H. Psychology Prize Fund$50,000$54,658
Kornetsky, Marcia Smargon Sociology Prize$52,500$55,353
Krant, Patrice M. Outdoor Education and Leadership Fund$60,254$64,822
Krant, Patrice M. Travel Scholarship$37,699$41,799
Kritter, Julius H. Athletic Scholarship$92,851$97,699
Kritter, Julius H. Scholarship$67,037$120,300
Krueger, Professor George C. Memorial Fund$55,500$58,579
Kruse, Carl M. Scholarship$12,000$13,217
Kupfer, Romaine Littlefield Geology Field Camp Fund$500$4,186
Kurson, Sylvia M. Memorial Grant$11,906$26,668
Labby Family Award for Student Advancement Quasi-Endowment$1,000$1,155
Ladd, Doris Dow Scholarship$395,877$418,196
Ladd, Harland A. Scholarship$340,218$359,309
Lafayette Hotels-Black Bear Inn Scholarship$4,000$5,960
LaFond Family Fund$10,000$11,108
Laing, John Dana Memorial Scholarship$26,521$32,035
Lamb, David S. Fund$64,862$73,160
Lambda Chi Alpha Three Stars Memorial Scholarship$11,265$11,652
Lambert Family Scholarship$172,804$182,997
Lamson, Byron and Sylvia Scholarship$60,000$66,952
Lancaster, Linda N. Professional Development Fund$207,441$233,197
Landry, Olive B. & Barbara A. Dennett Scholarship$53,363$61,987
Langellier, Kristin M. & Eric E. Peterson Scholarship Fund$9,283$10,341
LaRochelle, Mary & Neil Scholarship$16,475$18,198
Larsen Fund$19,661$23,031
Laskey, Thomas P. '53 Family Scholarship$74,420$93,038
Latti, Michael B. '56 and Georgia D. '57 Basketball Athletic Scholarship$21,053$24,819
Lee, Carroll R. Scholarship$109,000$118,477
Legatos '55, Nicholas A. and Theodora Engineering Scholarship$31,250$34,161
Lehman, Helen "Penny" Mitchell Social Work Fund$4,225$5,248
Leitch, Betsy Pullen '55 & William R. Honors College Fund$15,000$15,911
Leonard, Edward D. III '65 Lecture Series Fund$51,000$57,416
Leonard, Herbert A. & Eleanor H. Scholarship$20,329$24,745
Leonard, Ralph E. & Anita S. Scholarship$50,529$53,400
Les Trois Amis Scholarship$66,250$70,700
Leveille, Richard R., V. Roland & Katherine W. Scholarship$63,408$69,131
Levitan, Nathan Scholarship$151,994$171,130
Lewis, Abraham J. & Doris Art Award$1,500$2,025
Lewis, Professor Michael H. Art Scholarship$181,116$195,878
Libbey, Dr. Waldo "Mac" '44 Professorship in Electrical & Computer Engineering$250,000$303,898
Libbey, Dr. Waldo "Mac" '44 Swim Program Fund$10,000$11,125
Libbey, Joseph A. Scholarship$50,000$52,956
Libby Lecture in Natural Resource Policy$50,000$52,835
Lindell, Wiljo M. '40 Memorial Scholarship$43,246$50,028
Lingley, Alfred B. Scholarship$47,560$95,083
Linscott, Diane Wiseman Art Scholarship Fund$1,000$1,125
Linscott, Willard H. Scholarship$14,586$17,084
Lipphardt, Sr., Louis E. Mechanical Engineering Scholarship$35,611$41,384
Liscomb, Clark Noyes '60 Prize Fund$115,545$121,810
Litchfield, Herbert N. Scholarship$2,516$2,970
Littlefield, Lyle E. Ornamentals Trial Garden Endowment$40,817$43,241
Littlefield, Waldemar V. '42 and Jean G. Littlefield Fund$21,475$22,975
Lobster Institute Endowment Fund$211,387$224,243
Lobster Institute Klaus Sonnenberg Memorial Fund$1,750$1,905
Long Island Sound Lobster Fund$200,000$210,717
Long, Malcolm G. '32 Professor of Civil Engineering$256,075$336,499
Longo, Michael G. and Gale E. Scholarship$10,500$11,834
Lord, Frank J. and Ruth K. Scholarship$300,000$316,568
Lord, George E. '24 & Louise '25 Scholarship$52,557$56,964
Lord, Richard C. College of Engineering Faculty Salary Fund$50,000$52,722
Lord, Richard C. Scholarship$61,671$64,979
Loring, Ellen J. Museum Fund$248,011$263,261
Lovaas, Russell and Patricia Scholarship$24,130$25,664
Lovejoy, Kenneth C. Fund$12,819$16,209
Lowell, Robert & Jean Electrical Engineering Fund$3,400$3,798
Lowell, Robert & Jean History Fund$3,400$3,836
Lowell, Robert & Jean President's Discretionary Fund$3,400$3,848
Lowry, Grey Memorial Scholarship$19,952$21,088
Lucas, Professor Warren S. Fund$1,990$3,551
Luce, Roger F. Scholarship$18,565$19,908
Lucey, Jeannine Emond Franco American Program Fund$39,759$42,457
Lucey, William S. '61 Scholarship$21,500$24,071
Lucy, Dean William T. Scholarship$8,350$9,583
Lufkin, Linwood E. '58 & Mabel S. Scholarship$25,000$28,232
Lunder Scholars Fund$396,048$427,477
Lurvey, Mildred E. Fund$4,136$5,612
Lurvey, Robert J. '47 & Mildred E. Scholarship$88,324$93,077
Lynch, Thomas E. Faculty Club Quasi-Endowment$46,205$97,148
M Club Athletic Scholarship$60,308$63,528
Maccoby, Herbert Sociology Fund$25,000$27,399
MacDonald, Karl Merit Scholarship$105,000$229,290
Mace-Hashey, Monique F. G. M. Fund$327$355
MacLeod, Roland '50 Hockey Scholarship$16,628$18,481
Madigan Congressional Internship Fund$91,000$101,240
Madore, Robert W. '54 Scholarship$370,602$422,161
Maine Animal Health Quasi-Endowment Fund for Bioengineering$4,266$901
Maine Animal Health Quasi-Endowment Fund for Equine Health & Welfare$1,221$2,850
Maine Animal Health Quasi-Endowment Fund for The Witter Center$4,248$4,669
Maine Center for Sport and Coaching Endowment$26,700$28,159
Maine Chapter of the Construction Financial Management Association Scholarship$50,000$55,183
Maine Christian Association Fund$256,591$269,428
Maine High School Senior Baseball Classic$3,526$10,317
Maine Hockey General Endowment Fund$35,610$37,582
Maine NEW (National Education For Women) Leadership Quasi-Endowment Fund$26,106$29,251
Maine Press Association Kay Hyatt Scholarship$2,875$3,400
Maine Smart Grid Center Excellence Fund$200,183$233,990
Maine Society of Certified Public Accountants Scholarship$46,935$50,416
Maine Spirit Fund$28,418$33,924
Maine Sports Band Fund$245$255
Maine Steiners Vocal Music Scholarship$4,559$4,935
Maine Summer Youth Music Thomas C. Nokes Endowment$8,286$8,561
Maine Swimming & Diving Fund$288,055$316,245
Maine Vocational Rehabilitation Thank You Scholarship$12,500$18,800
Mangan Fund$100,370$105,802
Mangan, Thomas G. & John W. Scholarship$179,209$189,152
Mangan, Thomas G. Athletic Scholarship$27,706$52,940
Mangan, Thomas G. Discretionary Fund$338,130$356,513
Manlove, George K. Scholarship$3,850$5,259
Marble, Gerald C. Memorial Fund$19,226$21,465
March Family Peace Studies Scholarship$6,000$6,785
Marcho, Henry E. Scholarship$20,000$21,091
Marden, Ralph C. & Loraine P. Fund$2,500$3,786
Marine Sciences Faculty Scholarship$16,901$18,950
Marino, Patrick P. Memorial Fund$19,940$23,518
Marrs, Gianna F. Scholarship$12,175$13,423
Marsh, Harold P. Scholarship$111,011$336,445
Martin, Fred L. Scholarship$110,003$217,252
Martin, Guida W. & Ralph A. '52 Scholarship$26,095$29,335
Mason, Sara L. Fund$928$4,069
Massachusetts Association of Land Surveyors & Civil Engineers Scholarship$5,000$6,044
Master Gardener Fund$5,155$5,623
Mathieu-Story Scholarship$32,054$33,971
Matthews, Carole Cassidy Scholarship$10,000$10,000
Matthews, Larryl & Marie Fund$4,946$5,302
Mawhinney, Eugene A. Scholarship$52,470$55,648
Mayberry Fund, The$53,507$56,527
Mayo, Flora Howard Fund$2,000$2,540
McAlary, Elizabeth M. & Allan F. '13 Scholarship$75,000$81,726
McBride, Col. James C. Distinguished Professorship in History$880,289$928,872
McCabe, Jane M. Memorial Horticulture Fund$13,591$14,397
McClellan, Mary Floros Fund$5,280$5,660
McClure, David '50 & Yoriko Alumni House Fund$354,121$391,422
McClure, Melvin T. Scholarship$43,110$45,643
McClure, Yoriko Donor Advised Fund$485,224$555,907
McCluskey-Worthley Endowed Scholarship$5,600$6,172
McConnell, Dennis Professorship in Business$248,670$338,640
McConnell, William J., Jr. '92 & Kelley Simpson McConnell PaCEsetter Scholarship$16,000$18,103
McCrum, Richard and Arlene Scholarship$71,667$83,013
McDonough, John and Claire Scholarship$51,685$55,238
McDougall, Robert B. '84 Scholarship$17,772$19,374
McGillicuddy, Clement and Linda Humanities Center Fund$1,005,580$1,023,159
McGowen, Neil W. and Barbara L. Scholarship$52,914$56,141
McIntire, Smith C. & Charlene W. Scholarship$10,025$11,145
McKenna, Shawn Sigma Phi Epsilon Maine Alpha Leadership Fund$22,970$22,991
McKeown, Jamie Scholarship$39,100$41,484
McLaughlin, Michael A. Scholarship$32,250$35,798
McManus, Edward "Tim" '54 & Barbara Fitzgerald Scholarship$398,902$354,284
McNeary, Matthew & Esther Scholarship$31,725$35,694
McNeilly, Alvin H. University of Virginia Scholarship$36,000$38,827
McNeilly, Alvin S. Advanced Engineered Wood Composite Center Fund$21,500$22,696
McNeilly, Alvin S. Alumni Association Fund$10,000$11,045
McNeilly, Alvin S. Alumni House Fund$25,000$28,244
McNeilly, Alvin S. Baseball Scholarship$18,100$19,498
McNeilly, Alvin S. Collins Center for the Arts Fund$18,000$19,395
McNeilly, Alvin S. Engineering Fund$21,500$22,757
McNeilly, Alvin S. Pulp & Paper Scholarship$18,000$19,411
McNeilly, Alvin S. Quasi-Endowment Fund$152,188$163,309
McNeilly, Alvin S. Senior Skulls Fund$5,500$6,094
McNeilly, Alvin S. Student Innovation Center$8,500$8,805
McNeilly, Jennie Bridges Maine Christian Association Fund$10,500$11,348
McPartland-Good, Sarah Scholarship$36,041$38,084
Meade, Jo Josslyn Studio Art Award$46,832$51,638
Meader, Colonel Byron H. Scholarship$59,925$65,491
Merchant, Charles H. & Katherine C. Scholarship$449,377$475,184
Merchants National Bank Fund$712$2,362
Merrill, Doris Paul '22 & Bernice Stevens Smith '22 Fellowship$3,000$3,386
Merrill, Howard & Edith Alumni House Fund$5,783$6,476
Merrill, Howard & Edith Scholarship$66,263$70,096
Merritt, Alan F '58. & Sheila M. '66G Presidential Scholarship$97,000$108,318
Merritt, Marion Farrington Memorial Fund$34,515$73,631
Metcalf, Peter & Brianne Family Scholarship$2,000$2,216
Meyer, Marion Rich Waterman Fund$21,230$27,667
Michaud, Charles F. '63 and Valeda Raymond Michaud '62 Scholarship$10,500$11,705
Michaud, Felix J. and Rose Anne Scholarship Fund$17,275$19,107
Michaud, Lincoln David Scholarship$10,160$11,532
Miller, Alan Fund for Excellence in Communication & Journalism$44,823$46,961
Miller, Harold R. Presidential Scholarship$148,673$344,644
Miller, John and Suzanne Scholarship Fund$4,000$4,236
Miller, Sanford & Joanne Collins Center for the Arts Fund$30,977$33,559
Miller, Sanford & Joanne Scholarship$67,515$71,367
Miller, Stacy R. & Evelyn P. Scholarship$23,521$24,918
Mills Family Scholarship$9,534$10,567
Minsky, Leonard & Renee Capital Fund for the Minsky Recital Hall$106,275$154,262
Minsky, Leonard & Renee Maintenance Fund for the Minsky Recital Hall$50,000$72,618
Minsky, Leonard and Renee Fund for the School of Performing Arts$244,577$275,053
Minsky, Norman Fund for Judaic Studies$528,604$581,565
Minsky, Renee Fund$26,250$32,382
Mirakentz, Claire T. Fund for Arts and Sciences$469,172$494,613
Mitchell, Frances Robinson Scholarship$62,113$66,651
Mitchell, Valerie J. Non-Traditional Student Scholarship$7,500$9,174
Mitiguy, Dana R. & Janice F. Scholarship$13,000$13,966
Molecular and Biomedical Sciences Faculty Scholarship$1,000$1,134
Monroe, Merna Alpha Beta Chapter of Omicron Nu Scholarship$29,165$58,445
Moody, Dr. Arnold R. '63 & Donna Rich Scholarship$29,050$32,212
Moody, Elsie C. Scholarship$34,242$131,103
Moody, Norman and Avis Scholarship$40,028$42,526
Moores, Patricia & Alvina Teacher Scholarship$20,300$22,917
Moring, John Richard Prize in Aquatic Sciences$600$1,156
Morison, Frank P. Scholarship$5,000$15,156
Morrill, Margaret Chase '43 Civil Engineering Scholarship $116,212$126,126
Morrill, Margaret Chase Fund$11,100$11,759
Morris, Elizabeth A. Memorial Fund$19,561$21,526
Morris, Elizabeth A. Student Outreach Ministry Fund$53,956$63,889
Morrison, Dianne Research Scholarship$60,000$65,220
Morrison, Edward B. PaCEsetter Scholarship$36,065$38,682
Mosher, Col. John R. '89 Leadership & Education Scholarship Fund$500$544
Mountfort, Oscar W. Scholarship$74,936$163,176
Mulvey, Mary C. Scholarship$78,290$82,720
Mundy, Donna Thibodeau '71 and James H. Mundy '65, '70, Ph.D. '95 Fund$12,000$13,288
Munson, Barbara Allen Scholarship$25,000$41,753
Munsungan Fund$135,930$149,764
Murphy, Henriette C. Scholarship$37,408$42,625
Murphy, Marjorie R. Memorial Fund$22,295$24,088
Murray, Joseph M. Scholarship$66,540$74,865
Murray, William A. Fund$30,547$113,726
Musgrave Scholarship Fund$86,076$95,637
Myatt, Charles Oliver & Margaret Mary Libbey Myatt Scholarship$30,000$32,190
Myers, Scott Memorial Fund$1,180$23
Mykytiuk, Alexander Scholarship$5,460$9,952
Nalley, David L. and Matthew S. Reynolds Memorial Scholarship$8,000$8,594
Nanovic, Robert S. and Elizabeth E. Scholarship$307,910$334,406
Nason, B. Ross '39 Scholarship$552,583$536,105
National Center for Student Aspirations General Endowment$506$894
Nauman, George V. Scholarship$1,240,874$1,709,544
Nealley, William Bowdoin Scholarship$21,849$28,811
Nelson, Dr. Cynthia Memorial Scholarship$203,049$214,104
Nelson, Lucy B. & Otto H. Scholarship$93,602$181,101
Nelson, Robert W. Memorial Fund$385$692
Nelson, Stephen R. Memorial Scholarship$5,000$5,361
Ness, Edith T. Women's Intercollegiate Athletic Scholarship$151,027$159,195
Neville, Fredrica Karber Memorial Scholarship$54,561$87,265
Neville, President Howard R. Scholar-Athlete Fund$58,575$99,910
New Jersey Alumni Scholarship$30,769$33,377
New Jersey Black Bear Scholarship$28,360$31,879
New Writing Series Fund$8,060$8,805
New York Alumni Association Scholarship$5,852$15,330
Newdick, Richard and William Theatre Scholarship$850,907$948,094
Newell, Raymond F. & Celia Scholarship$200,000$211,685
Newhall, Claudette and Gerald Scholarship$30,000$33,666
Next Generation Foundation NonTraditional Student Scholarship$400,000$446,998
Nicholson, Arthur III Scholarship$11,786$12,832
Nickerson, John M. University of Maine Scholarship$2,913,193$3,154,900
Nickerson, John Mitchell Professorship of Political Science$100,000$108,122
Nickerson, John Mitchell Quiet Room$10,000$11,080
Nickerson-Howard Fund$25,000$27,395
Nissen, J. J. Scholarship$69,824$77,601
Nolan, John P., Sr. '57, Janet H. Nolan '57, John P. Nolan, Jr. '92 and Jennifer R. Nolan Scholarship$27,500$29,700
Normandeau, Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Sylvio Scholarship$10,153$10,882
Norris, Katherine Fund$21,845$24,586
Norton, Annie (P.) Memorial Scholarship$30,800$36,806
Norton, Doris Berry Travel Scholarship$33,314$44,644
Noyes, Richard W. & Shirley L. College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Fund$43,247$45,570
Nuite, Bradley AGR Scholarship$135$190
Nutting, Albert D. & Leone D. Forest Land Management Scholarship$260,390$283,888
Oak, Donald Fund$15,367$31,331
Ober, J. Larcom Fund #1 (Chair in Chemical Engineering)$2,000,000$2,255,896
Ober, J. Larcom Fund #2 (Forestry Fund)$250,000$293,807
Ober, J. Larcom Fund #3 (Presidential Scholars)$352,389$425,697
O'Brien, John A. "Gus" Scholarship$18,250$19,332
O'Coin, Bill Memorial Fund$200$353
O'Connor, Raymond J. Memorial Fund$2,950$3,986
O'Day, Gerald & Eva Scholarship$768,398$812,858
O'Donovan, Dennis J. Scholarship $14,300$18,236
Offutt, Evelyn S. Scholarship$41,000$44,762
Oliver, William A. and Shirley Doten Scholarship$2,201$2,488
Olsen, Brooke Fund$55,430$58,851
Olver Associates, Inc. Environmental Microbiology Laboratory$101,000$110,682
Olympian Club of Kennebunkport Scholarship$55,620$60,522
Oneglia, Ellen Martin '70 Scholarship Fund$9,000$9,342
O'Neil Timothy M. '79 and Cynthia Marston O'Neil '75 Scholarship$93,750$105,994
O'Neil, Karen Thode '70, '73G Scholarship$25,000$28,222
Orchestra, University of Maine Endowment$10,932$11,895
Orcutt, Amos E. & Lola R. Alumni House Endowment$17,798$21,102
Orcutt, Amos E. & Lola R. Page Farm and Home Museum Fund$13,641$15,095
Orcutt, Ralph Amos Scholarship$16,204$17,751
Ornamental Horticulture Endowment$25,710$28,012
Orono Bog Boardwalk Endowment$183,897$196,240
Orszag, Steven A. Scholarship$25,000$27,928
Osborne, Owen O. Athletic Scholarship$7,153$9,508
Otis, Arthur B. Scholarship$269,925$284,652
Otis, James C. Scholarship$49,737$52,883
Ouellette, Barbara A. Honors Thesis Fellowship Fund$7,693$8,385
Outstanding Electrical Engineering Technology Sophomore Scholarship$12,000$12,970
Owen Family Graduate Fellowship in Wildlife Ecology$100$157
Owsley, Richard and Anne Collins Center for the Arts Fund$4,000$4,529
PaCEsetter Endowed Scholarship Fund$91,095$99,059
PaCEsetter Scholarship Fund II$0$3,638
Packard, Ansel Alva Memorial Fund$37,245$39,439
Packard, Ira J. & Marietta Welch Packard Fund for the Needy Persons of Searsmont, Maine$283,563$300,359
Packard, Ira J. & Marietta Welch Packard Fund for the United Methodist Church of Searsmont, Maine$567,126$600,744
Packard, Ira J. & Marietta Welch Packard Scholarship$1,984,941$2,121,208
Packard, Kate I. and Georgia Packard Scholarship$9,321$10,200
Packard, Mansfield M. Scholarship$8,224$8,992
Page Farm & Home Museum Fund II$787,749$831,231
Page, Henry and Phyllis Page-Page Farm and Home Museum Fund$690,029$730,005
Page, James H. Fund$500$681
Page-Thompson Scholarship$12,581$13,268
Paiste, Dillwyn and Catharine Scholarship$45,735$50,334
Palmer, Allen J. Mechanical Engineering Scholarship$10,798$11,720
Palmer, Gladys M. & Lloyd C. Fund$93,150$99,620
Palmer, William P. III Athletic Scholarship II$13,665$17,359
Palozzi, Diane Lee Scholarship$1,000$2,561
Paradis, Cora Rand Family Fund$54,950$57,090
Parker & Polemis Men's Ice Hockey Fund$4,350$4,758
Parker, Theda/K. C. Lovejoy 4-H Scholarship$10,000$11,196
Parker, William H. III and Joan Currier Parker Fund$5,643$6,046
Parkman, L. Tibbetts '39 & Elizabeth Kruse '40 Scholarship$19,436$20,488
Parlin, Charles Leadership Scholarship$5,700$6,312
Parmenter, Gerald D. and Judith A. Scholarship$50,000$56,039
Patch, Edith Marion & Frank H. Lathrop Prize in Entomology$6,561$9,495
Patch, Edith Marion Center for Entomology, the Environment & Education Quasi-Endowed Fund$0$15,866
Patches, John I. and Elizabeth E. Collins Center for the Arts Fund$20,600$23,551
Patrons of the Arts Fund$57,378$79,775
Patten, Arnold J. & Theresa W. Scholarship$637,486$708,708
Patten, Stella Borkowski '47, '69G Scholarship$7,816$8,708
Payson, Phillips M. Scholarship$10,000$20,037
Peace Studies Program Quasi-Endowment$3,135$4,119
Pechinski, Joseph M. Physical Education Scholarship$17,855$19,318
Peer, Paula E. Scholarship$24,973$26,719
Pemetic High School Alumni Scholarship$77,395$87,743
Pendleton, Dr. Raymond and Veronica Music Scholarship$67,896$69,850
Pendleton, Raymond K. and Veronica Fund$2,782,831$2,939,719
Penobscot Experimental Forest Fund$182,299$216,626
Penobscot Valley Alumni Association Scholarship$1,350$4,260
Peppard, J. William & Virginia H. Scholarship$9,219$9,883
Perkins, Hildegarde B. Fund$8,845$9,604
Perkins, Raymond E. and Hildegarde B. Perkins Fund$3,648$4,090
Perkins, Thomas Allen Medical Fund$55,494$139,877
Perley, Reverend Samuel S., Dr. Donald Coats Gates & Thomas Henry Matthew Gates Memorial Fund$138,000$143,372
Peters, Sandra Merrill and John G. Peters Humanities Scholarship$11,000$12,210
Petersohn, Fritz Memorial Surveying (SVT) Scholarship$7,935$8,505
Petterson, Robert C. Research Fund$173,795$183,800
Phi Eta Kappa Endowment Trust$5,903$26,358
Phi Kappa Sigma Scholarship$184,091$201,442
Philbrook, Lawrence E. Family Scholarship$17,688$18,788
Physics Scholarship Fund in honor of Kenneth Clark Jordan$25,000$28,226
Picard, Marguerite M. Scholarship Fund$500,000$517,045
Pickering, Frank E. '53 and Clara E. AMC Program Industrial Training Facility Fund$50,000$52,744
Pickering, Frank E. '53 and Clara E. Engineering Scholarship$119,287$125,587
Pickering, Frank E. '53 and Clara E. Mechanical Engineering Aerodynamics & Gas Turbine Laboratory Fund$75,000$79,116
Pickering, Frank E. and Clara E. Fund$14,092$22,255
Pierce, Harold M. Fund$2,024$11,286
Pilley, Louise Scholarship$658,248$683,316
Pine Tree State 4-H Fund$416,214$876,758
Pinkham, Thomas S. & Virginia S. Athletic Scholarship$30,850$49,355
Piper, Donald A. Sr. and Lorenza Butman Piper LSA Scholarship Prize$5,540$8,318
Piper, Edward H. Church of Universal Fellowship Fund$16,371$17,642
Piper, Helen D. and Edward H. Piper Page Farm & Home Museum Fund$8,674$9,665
Plaisted, Thomas A. '45 Mechanical Engineering Fund$126,043$138,113
Plisga & Day SVT Scholarship$4,250$4,949
Ploch, Louis A. and E. Jean Page Farm and Home Museum Fund$4,281$4,808
Plumer, Wesley C. Fund$70,643$97,120
Pogorzelski, Dr. Henry A. University of Maine Fund for Advanced Mathematics $1,300$1,776
Pooler, Anne E. Scholarship$21,480$24,167
Portland Club of University of Maine Alumnae Scholarship$39,060$44,057
Potato Association of America Endowment$295,946$331,436
Poulin, James E. M.D. Scholarship$18,374$27,034
Praderio, Jeanette & Paul '49 Scholarship$28,000$31,316
Pratt & Whitney Mechanical Engineering Technology Fellowship$20,000$23,031
Pratt & Whitney Scholarship$20,000$23,031
Pratt, Maria E. Scholarship$25,000$28,381
Pratt, Matthew Scholarship$25,000$28,074
Presnell, Donald F. Basketball Endowment$10,000$10,719
Prince, Elbert and Phyllis Fund$47,222$74,273
Prisk, Nancy Fund for Native Americans and Peace Studies$10,000$10,475
Procaccini, C. Scholarship$8,000$8,866
Profita, Josephine M. '38 Scholarship$20,000$21,552
Pullen, Winston E. & Mary N. Page Farm and Home Museum Fund$30,830$32,491
Putnam, Aaron H. Mechanical Engineering Fund$42,357$50,714
Radgowski, Carol A. Memorial Scholarship$46,830$49,764
Radke, Frederick H. Memorial Award$7,385$9,538
Radke, Frederick Undergraduate Research Fund$112,975$123,101
Rake, Beatrice M. Scholarship$42,429$44,721
Ramig, Joan Look Scholarship$4,390$4,860
Ramsdell, Robert W. and Marjory D. Fund for H.O.M.E., Inc.$4,034$4,770
Ramsdell, Robert W. and Marjory D. Fund for Upward Bound$36,311$42,933
Ranger, Hubert O. & Patricia B. Chemistry Department Fund$3,395$4,057
Reading Recovery Endowment$3,015$4,329
Reed Family Scholarship$20,000$22,577
Reed, Dr. Carolyn '72 Medical School Scholarship$533,231$576,121
Reed, Dr. Carolyn E. '72 M. D. Pre-Medical Honors Thesis Fellowship$59,187$63,291
Reed, John '89 Scholarship$33,999$103,069
Reed, Mary Florence Scholarship$37,891$41,548
Reid, Edward R. Scholarship Fund$8,562$11,692
Reid, William S. '28 and Ruth B. Reid Scholarship$18,960$20,856
Reynolds, Bruce D. Scholarship$27,400$30,267
Reynolds, Dr. Beatrice K. Scholarship$86,212$98,426
Rezendes, Jacqueline Beau & Dennis Honors Arts and Citizenship Curriculum$769,276$820,748
Rezendes, Jacqueline Beau & Dennis Honors College Global Service Fund$101,666$107,403
Rezendes, John M. Ethics Fund$212,881$232,391
Rezendes, John M. Sculpture Endowment$12,880$27,746
Rezendes, Martina S. Recording Studio Endowment$26,995$42,956
Rezendes, Martina S. Scholarship$103,605$109,466
Rhode Island Alumni Association Scholarship$1,530$4,641
Rhode Island Society of Professional Land Surveyors Scholarship$7,000$7,444
Rich, Franklin W. '39 Scholarship$4,831$5,407
Rich, Nathan Harold Jr. & Jeanne Soule Rich Scholarship$31,275$35,015
Rich, Wayne S. 4-H Scholarship$17,974$19,624
Richards, Pat I. Scholarship Fund for Social Work$60,750$64,644
Rideout, Marguerite W. & Raymond M. Rideout, Jr. Scholarship$200,000$210,821
Riley, John G., Ph.D., Scholarship Fund for Students in the School of Marine Sciences$10,025$10,550
Riley, Trish '73 '78G Alumni Association Fund$1,250$1,378
Riley, Trish '73 '78G Out-of-State & International Students Fund$1,250$1,378
Rines, Thomas & Pinkham Family Fund$10,575$11,888
Rines, Thomas and Pinkham Family Scholarship$45,408$49,731
Ringuette, Adrien Lanthier Franco American Center Library Fund$20,000$22,430
Riviere, Lee Cheetham Memorial Scholarship$18,095$23,992
RML Hutchinson Center Scholarship Fund$63,537$69,440
Robbins, Dr. Carol Gelo Barr University of Maine Hutchinson Center Scholarship$27,250$28,715
Robbins, Lawrence & Louise Forestry or Forest Management Technology Scholarship$15,000$23,106
Robbins, Louise Hill '33 Memorial Scholarship$10,000$12,990
Robbins, Winston C. '32 Environmental Engineering Scholarship$10,885$12,198
Roberts, Christine M. Fund$14,570$16,203
Roberts, Dorothy Baker Scholarship$101,084$106,542
Robie, Frederick Jr. & Thelma Crossland Robie Scholarship$76,904$81,912
Rochester Alumni Chapter Fund$1,625$1,920
Rochester Alumni Chapter-Advanced Manufacturing Center Lab Endowment$153,116$161,527
Rockwell, W. Gordon Scholarship$75,000$80,393
Roderick, Elsine S. and A. R. II '48 Caribou Fund$72,703$75,461
Roderick, Elsine S. and A. R., II '48 Fund$72,703$75,461
Roderick, Elsine S. and A. R., II '48 Nutrition Scholarship Fund$72,703$75,461
Rodrigue Student Affairs Emergency Fund Endowment$12,000$13,424
Rogerson, Ron '66 Football Fund$0$653
Rosen, Lawrence & Lillian Scholarship$98,107$105,617
Rowe, Catharine L. '38 Alumni House$2,680$3,075
Rowe, Catharine L. '38 Student Aid$2,680$3,043
Rowe, James S. '74 and Judith Mullen Rowe '74 Scholarship$21,000$23,632
Roxby, Susan Elliott Judd Memorial Scholarship$21,376$22,538
Roy, Robert J. Sr. Memorial Baseball Scholarship$1,587$2,530
Rumery, Joyce Library Fund$3,000$3,087
Rumpho-Kennedy, Dr. Mary Scholarship$54,874$58,139
Salcar, Mrs. Shanta and Dr. Caliana Educational Excellence Fund for Civil and Environmental Engineering$25,000$27,750
Saliba, Samuel Memorial Scholarship$50,000$52,376
Sanders, Claire S. '34 Scholarship$21,405$22,550
Sanger, David Anthropology Award$10,000$12,196
Sargent Corporation Scholarship$511,000$600,953
Sargent, Herbert E. Business Scholarship$24,204$26,681
Sargent, Herbert E. Construction Management & Civil Engineering Scholarship$125,000$131,731
Sargent, Herbert E. Non-Traditional Student Scholarship$29,000$31,624
Sargent, Herbert E. Scholarship$246,063$268,571
Sargent, James G. Scholarship$57,000$62,956
Saunders, Henry W. & Marjorie H. Fund$15,994$33,435
Saunders, Henry W. and Marjorie H. Health Education Scholarship$39,660$68,678
Saunders, Henry W. Distinguished Professorship in Forestry$136,925$231,219
Saunders, Kenneth W. & Henry W. Saunders Professorship in Engineering Leadership and Management$250,100$263,760
Savage, Tom and Sally Fund$0$5,034
Savage, Tom and Sally Hockey Challenge Fund$503,478$576,977
Savage, Tom and Sally Scholarship$20,000$21,282
Sawyer, Charles W. Jr. & Barbara C. Fund$12,600$20,048
Sawyer, Neil G. Scholarship$3,190$3,555
Scamman, William F. Scholarship$72,839$134,022
Scarborough Scholarship$20,000$22,580
Schenck, Garret Fund$1,788,828$1,885,604
Schildknecht, Ruth Stebbins & Edmund G. Art Fund$76,969$99,215
Schmidlin, John R. Football Scholarship$122,571$129,236
Schoenberger, Maralyn M. Fund$375$401
Schoenberger, Walter S. Scholarship$10,220$10,697
Schomaker, Charles E. Scholarship$775,292$821,235
Schomaker, Peggy K. Scholarship$775,292$821,235
School of Engineering Technology Faculty Scholarship$1,016$1,678
School of Forest Resources Director's Fund II$131,530$142,501
School of Forest Resources Faculty Fund for Student Emergencies$11,064$12,365
School of Nursing Assistance Fund$7,718$8,573
School of Policy and International Affairs$214,613$268,686
School of Policy and International Affairs Endowment$396,390$427,794
Schrumpf, Mildred "Brownie" Scholarship$7,359$12,010
Schrumpf, William E. & Mildred B. Scholarship$92,011$100,266
Scott, David and Debra Scholarship$26,831$30,158
Seaman, Barbara Akeley Scholarship$6,232$6,683
Sea-Run Atlantic Salmon Memorial Fund$2,480$3,153
Sebago Technics Scholarship$101,125$107,267
Senior Alumni Scholarship$600,663$684,711
Senior College of the University of Maine's Hutchinson Center Memorial Endowment$165,915$193,577
Senior College Quasi Endowment$14,686$21,826
Senior Skull Centennial Fund$54,705$57,091
Sennett, Lincoln A. & Alice R. Memorial Scholarship$20,566$21,642
Serafin, R. Francis Scholarship$271,782$287,414
Sezak, Sam '31 Intramural Athletic Fund$2,500$3,393
Sezak, Sam '31 Memorial Fund$23,898$25,252
Sezak, Thomas L. '59 Memorial Scholarship$12,505$20,873
Shands, Jr., Wayland A. Agriculture Scholarship$12,748$14,330
Shands, Wayland A. Scholarship$30,620$32,307
Sharon, Charles and Cora Scholarship$198,903$213,393
Shaw Fund, The$11,070$12,298
Shaw, Butch Basketball Scholarship$4,785$5,666
Shaw, Merle B. Scholarship$524,449$906,092
Sheay, Ronald J. '55 & Rev. Virginia M. Sheay Forestry Scholarship$38,000$42,691
Sheffield, Durant and Fumiko T. Scholarship$50,000$52,918
Sheppard, Edmund M. Scholarship$34,570$37,747
Shibles, Mason and Gertrude Scholarship$20,000$21,454
Shields, Thomas O. Scholarship$50,327$53,264
Shoemaker, David E. Endowment for the Hudson Museum$5,725$6,137
Shur, Jacob Fund$164,000$179,616
Shyka, Andrew J. Surveying (SVT) Scholarship$31,766$34,204
Sidell Family Fund$15,440$16,911
Sidell, Bruce D. Scholarship$36,704$40,491
Sigma Phi Epsilon Graduating Senior Fund$3,150$3,827
Silver, Alex & Edith Scholarship$117,921$119,283
Simpson, Geddes W. Lecture Series Fund$112,500$128,680
Simpson, John & Betsy Fund$12,250$13,073
Sinclair, John G. Scholarship$32,323$40,527
Singh, Rajendra & Neera Engineering Scholarship$112,000$117,981
Skillin, John A. Memorial Scholarship$10,365$11,195
Sklar, Ben Scholarship$2,500$4,792
Skoufis, Helen M. & Peter J. Scholarship$649,073$711,531
Slavin, Charlie Fund$91,080$97,485
Sleight, Earland K. and Ina M. Scholarship$25,000$26,360
Small, Irving W. Education Scholarship$3,658$4,380
Smalley, Charles T. Fund$198,106$358,859
Smallidge, Allan L. Scholarship$34,886$35,992
Smart, Atwood O. & June P. Scholarship$66,385$70,453
Smilgys, Daniel William '84 Memorial Scholarship$3,000$4,598
Smith, Charles B. Jr. & J. Alice Alpha Gamma Rho Fund$10,222$11,292
Smith, Charles B. Jr. & J. Alice Museum Fund$20,000$21,082
Smith, Duane A. '59 Memorial Scholarship$8,100$8,682
Smith, Margaret Chase Public Affairs Scholarship$101,907$120,751
Smith, Norman Memorial Fund #2$16,448$17,428
Smith, Owen H. '41 and Louisa W. Scholarship$25,558$27,816
Smith, Roger W. and Mabelle Ashworth Scholarship$24,700$26,160
Smith, Samantha Scholarship Fund$49,000$51,923
Smith, Samantha Statue Maintenance Fund$2,800$4,224
Smith, Wayne A. and Janet L. G. Scholarship$20,081$22,515
Smyth, J. Robert Scholarship$24,574$25,975
Snow, William Freeman Scholarship$21,974$23,312
Soares, Michael D. Scholarship$6,500$7,338
Sociology Enhancement Fund$220,243$240,416
Sodhi Family Scholarship Fund$10,000$10,929
Somers, Dwight L. '34 Fund$234,975$285,470
Sorrie, Patricia L. Coffman and Donald H. Sorrie University of Maine Singers Fund$100,000$110,520
Soule, Hayden M. & Jeanne C. Scholarship$75,430$80,998
Southern Maine Executive Club of the University of Maine Scholarship$51,255$55,256
SPIFFY Endowment Fund$21,302$22,487
Spiller, Mayor Philip D. Memorial Scholarship$13,600$16,621
Spirit Words Fund$2,028$5,524
Springer, Estelle Phillips Scholarship$412,518$428,129
Spruce, Sarah Jane White Memorial Scholarship$373,166$398,596
Stagg, Howard J. III Scholarship$12,034$12,681
Standbrook, Grant Maine Hockey Forever Fund$308,376$343,045
Stanhope, Charles V. '71 Honors College Study Abroad Fellowship Endowment$31,000$34,559
Staples, Basil G. & Jeannette M. Student Work Experience Fund$17,940$25,282
Staples, Basil G. '35 Visiting Lecturer Fund$113,042$174,499
Stearns, Austin & Ida Scholarship$24,145$26,116
Stearns, Benedict R. and Alta L. Agriculture Scholarship$740,397$790,860
Stearns, William F. and Fern E. Scholarship$5,000$5,700
Steller Family Nursing Scholarship$524$541
Stephens, George Jr. and Eugenia Doris Averill Farmington Scholarship$195,058$205,621
Stephens, George Jr. and Eugenia Doris Averill Fund$8,160$9,588
Stephens, George Jr. and Eugenia Doris Averill Orono Scholarship$195,058$205,659
Stephenson, Rachael E. '33 Memorial Fund$24,145$25,450
Stetson, Betty Roberts Memorial Scholarship$5,233$5,602
Stetson, Norman B. Scholarship$216,411$238,215
Stevens, Colonel Albert W. Alumni House Endowment Fund$5,000$6,512
Stevens, Daniel T. & Edith D. Fund$24,290$27,508
Stevens, Greg C. '71 Scholarship$50,037$52,245
Stewart, Alice R. Fund$265,625$280,363
Stewart, Dean John E. Memorial Scholarship for Mathematics Students Fund$51,090$54,267
Stewart, John E. 2007 Prof. of Mathematics Dean of Men Scholarship$3,200$4,074
Stewart, Professor Alice R. Canadian-American History Graduate Student Fellowship$200,000$222,554
Stickney, Charles E. Jr. Fund$23,337$34,980
Stickney, Charles, Jr. Class of '44 School of Performing Arts Excellence Fund$14,100$16,904
Stickney, Fernald S. Fund$6,629$10,258
Stillings, Dr. Bruce R. '58 & Suzanne Littlefield '60 Scholarship$33,761$35,832
Stinchfield, Helen Louise '18 Memorial Scholarship$345,290$371,830
Stoddard, Richard St. Clair Scholarship$12,800$14,142
Stone, John & Evelyn Gilmore Scholarship$55,131$60,782
Storm, Ruth Daggett '29 Memorial Scholarship$9,803$12,753
Stoughton, Gerald E. and Harriet N. Scholarship$124,935$132,140
Stratton, Boyd B. & Gwendolyn Fish Stratton Scholarship$25,000$26,394
Striar, Gary, Catherine Durand, Adam Striar, and Samuel Striar UMaine Scholarship Fund$2,000$2,076
Strickland, Anna Fund$24,075$60,246
Strom-Gottfried, Dr. Kimberly '80 Scholarship Endowment Fund$5,000$5,378
Struchtemeyer, Roland A. Scholarship$5,670$7,730
Student Government Leadership Award$23,349$42,184
Student Leader Support Fund$100$131
Student Recreation and Fitness Center Endowment Fund$500,050$534,259
Students and Standardbreds Endowment$150$190
Sturgeon, Lloyd E. Memorial Fund$20,588$23,955
Sturrup Family Fund$3,090$3,429
Stymiest, Emerson A. & Lila C. Track Fund$159,577$174,062
Stymiest, Emerson A. & Lila C. Track Scholarship$40,967$45,411
Styrna, Ed Scholarship$13,284$19,431
Styrna, Edmund Coachship in Track$100,000$138,110
Supple, Robert V. and Evelyn Hasbrouck Scholarship$100,000$125,982
Surveying Associations of New England SVT Photogrammetry Lab Fund$65,477$74,858
Susi, Dominick F. II Scholarship$2,875$4,707
Sustainable Agriculture Improvement Quasi-Endowment Fund$550$1,469
Sutton, Dr. C. Douglas '57 Civil Engineering Excellence Fund$2,116$2,238
Sutton, Harry E. '09 Scholarship$43,144$45,479
Swain, Loring R. '32 Fund for Engineering Students$71,932$75,898
Swain, Loring R. '32 Scholarship Fund$71,932$75,848
Sweetman, Marion Devoe Memorial Fund$6,631$12,184
Sweetser, Thomas C. Jr. and Mildred B. Sweetser Memorial Scholarship$11,831$13,402
Sweetser, William Jordan Fund$1,200$3,314
Swengel, Kurt A. Memorial Scholarship$36,498$40,814
Swift, Harold Fund$4,099$4,649
Sylvester, Donald M. Scholarship$57,614$60,843
Sylvester, Harrison C. '55 Family Scholarship$6,886$7,466
Talbot, Franklin '46 Scholarship$781,245$835,331
Talbot, Franklin Fogler Library Fund$50,000$53,037
Talbot, Franklin Music Fund$50,000$53,464
Talbot, Franklin Music Scholarship$43,407$46,392
Talbot, Mary Mincher Scholarship$26,916$32,496
Talbot, Richard F. Scholarship$62,866$73,785
Talcove, Steven and Dorothy Student Success Fund$1,000$1,090
Tallman-Geery Loan Fund$72,465$107,144
Tarr, Omar F. and Lenora L. Memorial Scholarship$477,168$520,207
Taylor, Carroll E. Civil Engineering Scholarship$47,162$50,049
Taylor, Frank M. Civil Engineering Fund$500,000$533,861
Taylor, Frank M. Distinguished Professorship in Civil Engineering$500,000$542,199
Taylor, Roger F. & Mary T. Scholarship$34,560$38,334
Team Maine Endowment Fund$4,124$4,678
Terrell, C. F. Fund$413,463$442,692
Thaxter, Esther Scholarship$156,282$170,247
Thaxter, Maynard Ross '57 Thesis Fellowship Fund$5,500$5,694
Thode, Isobel Memorial Scholarship$26,700$28,161
Thomas, George M. CFMA Scholarship$25,000$29,239
Thomas, John L. '57 & Mary H. Thomas Engineering Scholarship$22,000$24,593
Thomas, Ruth Coombs '23 Scholarship$5,000$7,082
Thompson, Zane Albion Book Fund$151,210$163,566
Thomson, Arline K. Fogler Library Fund$100,000$105,338
Thomson, Robert B. Honors Center$427,356$450,657
Thorne, Bertram E. Scholarship$271,511$298,387
Thursday Club Scholarship$36,517$39,130
Thurston, Dianne Julya Scholarship$45,202$49,099
Titcomb, Robert P. Memorial Scholarship$5,639$6,013
Tobey, Helen White Scholarship$2,086$4,166
Today and Tomorrow Student Scholarships$8,375$9,522
Todd, Frank H. Scholarship$175,207$233,486
Todd, George D. '64 Scholarship$75,000$84,400
Todd, J. Edward Memorial Fund$6,301$6,983
Totman, Clayton O. Graduate Student Fund$92,961$108,907
Towle, Philip R. '84 and Diana H. Towle '84 Scholarship$10,085$10,786
Townsend, Timothy E. '74 Geological Sciences Fund$10,000$11,251
Trafford, Dr. David White Memorial Scholarship$2,919$4,883
Traub, Marsha Lynn All Maine Women Honor Society Fund $13,250$14,000
TRC Electrical Engineering Technology Scholarship$100,000$109,105
Treat, William W. Scholarship$102,434$111,987
Trefethen, Professor Joseph M. Memorial Scholarship$54,687$57,661
TRIO Programs Anniversary Scholarship Fund$350$361
Trotzky, Evelyn 4-H Scholarship$15,000$16,794
Turner, Albert M. Prize$2,000$3,835
Turner, Charles R. Memorial Fund$5,170$5,511
Turner, Oscar Treat Scholarship$25,000$48,662
U. S. Army Air Corp 92nd Bomb Group Scholarship$40,700$43,109
UMaine IEEE PES Student Chapter Scholarship$2,000$2,186
UMaine IEEE Student Branch Quasi-Endowed Scholarship$8,534$12,474
University Credit Union (UCU) Scholarship Fund$12,000$13,541
University of Maine Alumni Association Quasi-Endowment Fund$138,005$163,032
University of Maine Alumni Chapter of Southern Maine, Inc. Robert H. Patten Scholarship$50,578$53,892
University of Maine Alumni Chapter of Southern Maine, Inc., William D. "Bill" Currie First Year Scholarship$125,143$137,852
University of Maine Foundation Discretionary Fund$250$810
University of Maine Foundation Scholarship Fund$65,647$69,042
University of Maine Golf Club Quasi-Endowment$5,554$8,429
University of Maine Humanities Center Endowment$237,426$267,797
University of Maine International Programming Fund$2,836$3,109
University of Maine Museum of Art Acquisition & Conservation Fund$4,000$4,773
University of Maine Retirees Scholarship$3,937$4,397
Upward Bound Endowment, Friends of$265$412
Upward Bound Quasi-Endowment, Friends of$0$1,569
Urann, Chestina Blaisdell Fund$10,000$30,338
Valley, Thomas Fund$33,657$57,625
Vamvakias Family Scholarship$6,804$8,319
Veague, Arnold L. and Eleanor M. Scholarship$21,776$23,277
Verrill, Walter and Gloria Civil Engineering Scholarship$4,135$5,256
Vetelino, Dr. John Fund for Excellence in Solid State & Semiconductors$15,376$19,963
Veverka, David M. Memorial Fund$10,545$11,117
Vickery, James B. III Scholarship$317,524$334,770
Victor, Joan Vachon '52 & Milton Victor '51 Scholarship$45,125$49,438
Viles Family Scholarship$88,711$126,825
Viles, Frederick M. '43 Scholarship$55,700$58,843
Violette, Hugh D. '05 Scholarship$35,755$40,390
Violette, Richard D. Sr. and Dorothy D. Scholarship$10,100$10,653
Vision for Tomorrow Endowment Fund$300,000$300,000
Volk Family Art Fund$31,637$40,390
Volk Family Fund$635,735$850,178
Volk Family Graduate Student Water Quality Fund$31,637$40,390
Volk Family Hudson Museum Fund$31,637$40,390
Wade, Capt. Charles H. Marine Sciences Fund$100,441$105,876
Wade, Ormand J. & Miriam K. Alumni House Endowment Fund$100,000$107,180
Wadleigh, Kathy M. Scholarship$19,000$20,614
Wadleigh, Leith '59 and Donna Alumni Association Fund$6,000$6,680
Wadlin, Professor George Memorial Scholarship$24,000$26,535
Wages Computer Engineering Scholarship$24,944$28,335
Wakefield, Jim and Karen Fund$40,250$63,573
Walbridge, William Wesley Scholarship$14,164$24,736
Walsh, John Randall & Agnes Annie Walsh Scholarship$20,700$23,273
Walsh, Shawn Memorial Endowment$14,519$15,498
Walton, Celia C. Fund$25,880$40,961
Ward, Gerald M. Scholarship$58,720$61,982
Waring, Dot and Don Class of 1950 Flag Plaza Fund$13,259$14,918
Warmke, Germaine LeClerc '42 Scholarship$34,888$38,145
Warren, Jean Scholarship$41,000$43,182
Warren, Richard K. & Susan A. Warren Journalism Scholarship$22,050$23,329
Waterman, Georgia Rich Alumni House Fund$23,831$28,468
Waterman, John J. Fund$13,593$27,119
Waterman, John J. Scholarship$10,000$10,718
Wathen, Jack '52 Memorial Scholarship$7,230$11,675
Watson, Harry D. Scholarship$18,983$21,018
Watt, Mette Arup Studio Printmaking Fund$4,000$4,372
Webb, Eleanor M. Fund$12,305$12,987
Webb, Freeman G. '33 & Mary C. Track Scholarship$202,255$220,443
Webber, Alburney E. Jr. Scholarship$4,000$5,465
Webber, G. Peirce & Florence Pitts Forestry Fund$234,634$313,968
Webber, G. Peirce & Florence Pitts Forestry Scholarship$210,418$231,173
Webber, G. Peirce Maine Business School Fund$23,853$25,145
Webber, John M. Fogler Digital Library Fund$25,000$25,995
Webber, John M. School of Business Scholarship$100,000$105,907
Webster, Edwin P Scholarship$6,094$6,467
Weed, Addie M. Scholarship$5,802$8,703
Weeks, Thomas N. Fund$3,388$9,708
Weiblen, William and Eileen Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering$23,000$25,781
Weinberg, J. Morris Student Innovation Award$6,500$5,287
Weiner, Marli Memorial Scholarship$50,000$55,706
Welch, Vinal J. Civil and Environmental Engineering Fund$15,000$17,790
Weldon, Scott and Mary-Ellen Memorial Scholarship$31,220$33,252
Wells, Irene R. Scholarship$34,221$48,580
Wentworth, Arthur & Etta C. Memorial Scholarship$44,214$83,348
Wentworth, John W. Electrical Engineering Scholarship$11,177$12,520
Westerman, Harold S. Athletic Scholarship$9,979$13,629
Weston, Arthur Athletic Scholarship$39,875$42,118
Weston, George & Helen Scholarship$175,582$190,421
Wheatland, Barbara Geospatial Analysis Laboratory Excellence Fund$100,000$112,533
White, Faith Shesong '38 Flower Fund$10,159$10,888
White, Jean McIntire '52 and Linwood E. White '54G Fund$10,100$11,179
Whitehill-Mairhuber, Marie B. Collins Center for the Arts Fund$1,296$2,260
Whitehill-Mairhuber, Marie B. Fund$20,175$23,680
Whitehouse, Dorothy Jordan Fund$5,174$5,545
Whitehouse, Philip A. & Martha E. Whitehouse Family Tanglewood Summer Camp Scholarship$1,000$1,156
Whitehouse, Philip A. and Martha E. Family Music Scholarship$1,000$1,156
Whitehouse, Philip A. and Martha E. Family Scholarship$1,000$1,156
Whitehouse, Theodore & Dorothy Scholarship$280,329$295,628
Whitman, Dana Jr. '45 & Helen Herrick Whitman '46, '49G Scholarship$7,710$9,919
Whitney, Allison I. '62 Electrical Engineering Fund$140,312$147,972
Whittier, Ralph ATO Fund$5,000$15,463
Whittier, Ralph Fund$5,000$15,156
Wiberg-Hannigan, Calista (Sargent) Scholarship$32,000$35,970
Wicks, Ulrich Library Fund$4,397$4,866
Wiersma, George Memorial Scholarship$6,135$6,902
Willett Family Fund$17,952$21,855
Willey, Dorothy H. & Arthur O. Scholarship$10,150$21,124
Williams, R. Leon & Alma C. Scholarship$15,000$16,888
Williams, Robert J. and Geraldine Wallace Scholarship Fund$10,000$10,092
Williamson, Laurette Martineau '61 '62G Fund$9,555$10,238
Willis, Susan Bodwell Civil Engineering Scholarship$20,000$22,578
Wilson, Dorothy Clarke Library Fund$10,000$11,117
Wilson, John F. Fund$74,732$85,311
Wiseman, Walt W. & Sarah E. Scholarship$63,931$68,465
Witter, J. Franklin Scholarship$14,374$25,696
Witter, Verna Church 4-H Scholarship$10,000$11,196
Wolf, Kenneth P., M.D. & Fredda F. Esquire Fund$32,728$34,998
Wolfhagen, James L. & Helen J. Award$13,290$14,861
Women's Intercollegiate Athletic Scholarship$101,844$113,289
Wood, Harvey W., Jr. '56 Scholarship$19,108$21,184
Wood, Nancy Nolde Fund$29,876$31,187
Woodard & Curran Kurt Marston Scholarship$23,400$25,724
Woodard, Franklin E. Environmental Engineering Laboratory Fund$164,535$174,072
Woodbrey, Edward F. '49 Memorial Scholarship$37,224$41,877
Woodbrey-McIntire Family Quasi-Endowment Fund$136,103$151,699
Woodbury, Harold M. '36 and Henrietta Cliff Woodbury '37 Scholarship$6,000$6,745
Woodhead, David A. Forestry Fund$213,779$226,125
Woodhead, David A. Forestry Scholarship$213,779$225,511
Woodman, Bruce Coffin Scholarship$1,510$2,512
Woodworth, T. C. ' 63 Civil Engineering Scholarship$14,000$15,000
Work, Gerald G. Scholarship$3,505$4,252
Wright, David H. Fund$182,671$189,741
Wright, Ryan Dana Memorial Award$21,916$24,777
York County Poultry Improvement Association Scholarship$3,500$6,304
York, Eric C. '92 Memorial Travel Fund$10,540$11,801
Young, Ronald E. Engineering Scholarship$24,000$25,419
Zimmerman, First Lieutenant James R. Memorial NROTC Award$27,680$30,175
Zoidis, William Scholarship$9,100$10,173