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Black Bear License Plates

Black Bear specialty plates help support UMaine students with financial need. In fact, The Maine Black Bear Scholarship Fund receives $10 for each registration purchased or renewed, and this amount qualifies as a charitable tax deduction. Proceeds from Black Bear license plates have contributed nearly $1M in scholarships for UMaine students since 2004. 

Anyone with state of Maine plates can use the voucher. Black Bear specialty plates are brought to you by the University of Maine Foundation, an independent nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Established in 1934, the foundation exists to encourage gifts and bequests to nurture academic achievement, foster research and elevate intellectual pursuit at the University of Maine.

Since the inception of the Black Bear license plate program, the University of Maine has received over $1 million in scholarship support!

Your first year is free!

 University of Maine Foundation vouchers cover the initial $20 fee for the Black Bear license plate.

To take advantage of the offer, visit a Bureau of Motor Vehicles branch or your town office, and bring with you:

1. The filled-out voucher below that covers the initial $20 fee for the Black Bear specialty plates.
*Note that you’re responsible for any other registration fees due. Annual renewals of the Black Bear specialty plates are $15.

2. Your current registration (or a copy). If the registration is in someone else’s name (e.g. a parent’s), you’ll need permission of the registered owner by getting his or her signature on the back of the below voucher.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does plate renewal cost?

The renewal cost for a Black Bear plate is $15 – part of the renewal fees are donated back to the University of Maine to aid in scholarship support for UMaine students!
Here is the cost information directly from the State of Maine

    Can I make my Black Bear plate into a vanity plate?

    We encourage you to “B CR8TV” (be creative) when creating your Black Bear license plate — it is a great way to stand out and even further celebrate your UMaine spirit!

      Do many people have the Black Bear plate?

      In fact, the closer you get to Orono, the more plates you’ll see.

        Can I get Black Bear plates now, even though I’m not due to renew?

        Just visit the DMV or your town office with your voucher, and they will assist you in getting your Black Bear plates.

          Is my renewal fee tax-deductible?

          A portion ($10) of your yearly renewal fee counts as a tax-deductible, charitable gift.

          Who or what benefits from my renewal fee?

          The Gifts That Keeps Giving
          Each renewal of a Black Bear license plate garners $10 in scholarship support for UMaine students.

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