Matt Ingram – Class of 2021

After growing up in Winthrop, ME, Matt Ingram decided to attend the University of Maine to study mechanical engineering. Practical application of mechanical engineering in everyday life is what drew Ingram to his major. As a junior now, Ingram is particularly invested in the UMaine campus community. He is a member of the intramural flag football program, and participates as the president of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) group on campus.

In his duties as president, Ingram has had opportunities to participate in club projects including: racing a coaster car in Canada and building catapults and RC boats. While Ingram has found his social niche on campus, he also has high praise for his academic career while at UMaine: “The mechanical engineering faculty is phenomenal; they are inspiring, knowledgeable and really care about students’ progress,” Ingram said.

For the 2019-20 academic year, Ingram received the Frederic W. Klein ’48 Memorial Scholarship.

“This scholarship has allowed me to spend more time focusing on my education and participating in extracurricular activities, and overall has made it easier to afford school.”

Ingram has experienced first-hand what scholarship aid can affect on a student’s college career. “I’m really grateful knowing that our scholarship donors really care about University of Maine students and investing in our futures,” says Ingram.