Jamie Sargent – Class of 2020

Jamie Sargent began her studies at the University of Maine in the nursing program. After growing up in Scarborough watching her mother cope with chronic back pain, Sargent was inspired by the nursing staff who helped her mother during hospital visits. “For as long as I can remember, my mom has had to cope with chronic back pain. After numerous trips to hospitals, she would comment on how kind the nurses were and how she felt that they were the ones who made the biggest impact on her stay, rather than the doctors,” says Sargent, “I want to be that nurse for a patient one day.”

“There’s no better feeling than knowing you made a difference for a patient and their family,” says Sargent.

As a student at UMaine, Sargent participated in the Tap and Hip Hop clubs, and enjoyed using the New Balance Recreation Center on campus. “What I love most about this school is the student culture. You can feel the school spirit UMaine students have at sporting events, social events, homecoming, Maine Day, as well as on campus. In general, I am proud to be a Black Bear,” says Sargent. In the 2019-20 academic year, Sargent recieved the Class of 1936 Scholarship. “I’ve worked so hard throughout my four years at school. I’ve somehow managed to juggle school, family, friends, and activities, and receiving this scholarship has allowed all the stress to feel even more worth it. “I am so grateful to have received such an honorable scholarship,” said Sargent.

In addition to all of her extracurricular activities, as well as nursing school and clinicals, Sargent started working as a teacher’s assistant for a nursing lab. She was also a peer mentor to eight other underclassmen nursing students. This helped Sargent discover another passion: “I have recently discovered that I enjoy teaching others and giving them advice to excel in nursing school,” said Sargent.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the final semester of her UMaine career was something Sargent had never imagined for herself. Not only did her final semester end abruptly, but her post-graduation plans were cancelled. Through it all, Sargent remains positive and driven to help as much as she can:

“When I learned that the pandemic would end my clinical partnership early, I was heartbroken. It was disappointing to know that there would be no graduation, no pinning ceremony, and no celebration with the people I have grown so close to over the last four years. In addition, I was devastated that I would no longer be able to travel to Tanzania, Africa in May to care for patients with the UMaine Nursing International Team. Although Covid-19 has negatively affected me and students around the globe, I realize that there is a bigger picture and managing this pandemic is of the upmost importance at the moment. Graduating in this unprecedented time has further strengthened my belief that nursing is my calling. I am ready to serve and provide compassionate care to others, especially during such a devastating pandemic. My classmates and I are entering our nursing careers during a time of uncertainty. The field of nursing is constantly changing, and this pandemic will push for further change which we will have to adapt to. The UMaine Nursing School has prepared us well and taught us what it means to be an exceptional nurse. We are ready for the challenge that COVID demands of us.” – Jamie Sargent, Class of 2020