Fogler Library

Case for Support



RAYMOND H. FOGLER LIBRARY is the largest library in Maine and the heart of the University of Maine community. Its roots date to the establishment of Maine’s flagship university more than 150 years ago and its leadership is reflected statewide. As a research library, Fogler’s steady acquisition of popular titles, innovative access to resources, and renowned Special Collections inform and empower UMaine students and faculty, and scholars worldwide. Fogler Library connects the UMaine community and the people of Maine to information and endless possibilities for discovery.


Supports Maine’s economy as the designated State Research Library for Business, Science, and Technology

• Serves as Maine’s only Patent and Trademark Resource Center

• Is the regional depository for U.S. Government publications, and a selective depository for Canadian and United Nations documents

• Curates the papers of former U.S. Senator and Secretary of Defense
William S. Cohen

• Maintains Digital Commons — the digital home for all student, faculty, and staff intellectual creative output

Supporting Fogler Library is an exceptional way to contribute to all four pillars of the University of Maine’s Vision for Tomorrow comprehensive campaign: fostering student success, ensuring access for all of Maine, catalyzing Maine’s economy, and accelerating discovery to impact.

Build Fogler’s Acquisitions Capacity

Provide the Lifeblood for a Healthy Library
Acquiring the latest resources keeps a library relevant and ensures that the UMaine community has access to research and information.

    Provide Support for Digital Subscriptions

    Keep Windows to the Digital World Open
    The library is the access point for thousands of research databases and digital resources. Each requires a subscription fee that could be prohibitive to individuals. Your support will keep these windows to the world wide open.

      Upgrade Fogler’s Main Building

      Secure the Heart of Campus for the Future
      For countless members of the UMaine community, past and present, Fogler Library is — and has long been — “the third place” in their lives, behind the places they call home and work. Fogler is a quiet venue for research, study, reading, and gathering. Support the needs of this 1940s-era facility by helping provide for its ongoing maintenance and upgrade needs, securing this landmark for decades to come.

        Create an Endowed Chair for the Dean of Libraries

        Attract and Keep the Best Leadership
        The Dean of Libraries is a thought leader for libraries throughout the Northeast and must be a creative problem-solver who can balance competing demands, lead a large staff, oversee extensive facilities, and keep up with a rapidly changing professional field. The endowed chair will provide for the “margin of excellence,” above the university’s base budget, to attract and retain the very best talent and leadership.

          Named Endowed Funds

          The Gifts That Keeps Giving
          By creating an endowed fund for your area of interest, you can ensure that the library will have support, in perpetuity, to bring critical information to the hearts and minds of students, faculty, staff and community members.

          “The Fogler is a treasure, and we hope it will continue to be as important to future generations of students as it was to us. It needs to grow, and for this to happen it needs the support of the University and the citizens of Maine.”
          Stephen ’70, ’87 Hon. L.H.D. &
          Tabitha King ’71, ’87 Hon. L.H.D.

          “I view libraries as repositories of history, and for this reason, I support the libraries of the University of Maine, which have contributed to my education in very meaningful ways.”
          Lee Gagnon ’59
          Longtime donor to the Fogler Library

          “Fogler Library is absolutely essential for my research, as well as everyone else’s at Maine’s flagship university. At the same time, Fogler is a welcoming space in the heart of the campus, a place I routinely take guests and colleagues when we want to work in a quiet, comfortable, welcoming environment. UMaine could not provide the services it does to the state, the nation, and the world without the resources of Fogler Library.”
          Dan Sandweiss
          Professor of Anthropology and Climate Studies

          “Fogler Library models best practices in library and information services, helping smaller libraries provide better service to their patrons. And, Fogler Library provides in-depth collections to augment smaller collections throughout the state. Maine’s students, researchers, writers, indeed, all residents in the state have an advantage when good library service is free, dependable, and accessible. In Maine, Fogler Library is a big part of making that happen.”
          Barbara McDade
          Former Library Director, Bangor Public Library