Emma Jourdain – Class of 2021

Even as a child, Emmaeve “Emma” Jourdain was always curious about exploration. When she reached high school and became certified in scuba diving, her curious mind shifted fully to ocean exploration. “I specifically remember my first question about the ocean came after I saw firsthand two cowfish changing colors during a mating ritual, and I was fascinated with how and why they did that,” says Jourdain. 

After that realization, Jourdain decided to marry her passions of scuba diving and science into her career and declared a marine biology major at the University of Maine. As an added bonus, Jourdain says, “I love travelling and I think a research position in this field would allow me to travel to some pretty cool habitats around the world.” Even now, as a student, Jourdain takes advantage of the location of UMaine by getting out for hikes as often as she can.

Jourdain on a dive.

Jourdain is the recipient of the Dearborn Marine Science Fund for the 2019-20 academic year.

“I am very appreciative and honored to have received this award,” says Jourdain.

This award not only helped defray some of the costs of attending school at UMaine, but it also gave Jourdain the opportunity to travel across the country and represent Maine at a conference in San Diego, CA. “My trip to San Diego for the ASLO (Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography) to present my undergraduate research on the reproduction of macroalgae in the Gulf of Maine was also partially covered by this award!” says Jourdain, “it will be a great experience for networking, working on my presentation skills and gaining information on a vast array of marine science topics.” 

Like many students at UMaine, Jourdain loves the small-school feel while also benefitting from the large scale of opportunities. “Even though it is a big school, I love that I can walk around campus and recognize people – specifically for the marine science major, I’ve been able to form some pretty great bonds with a few of my professors. They really take time to reach out and get to know you once they see that you care, which is a really nice feeling.”

In addition to her coursework and her research work, Jourdain is a member of the UMaine Cross Country and Track & Field team. Whenever she can, she gets outside and spends time with her yellow lab, Toddy.