Carter Shaw — Class of 2022


Carter Shaw grew up in Corinna, Maine with a huge love for the outdoors. When making his decision as to where to go attend college, those passions came to his mind, and he decided on the University of Maine to pursue a double major in Forestry and Wildlife Ecology. After growing up in Corinna, a small town where, according to Shaw, “it seems like everyone knows everyone,”  the University of Maine community felt just like home.

This semester, Shaw received the Emerson Agriculture Scholarship, and it has made a significant impact for him, “I can use any help I can get throughout my college career. Getting this scholarship has taken some of the stress out of college, which allows me to focus more on my academics”.

“I’ve always had a passion for conserving what nature has to offer anyone who has spent time in the outdoors, so I’ve always been interested in a career that involves being outdoors.”

Carter credits his parents for his success, “They pushed me my whole life to always strive to do the best that I can. They continue to support me and always want me to be happy and do what I love and it means a lot.”

When Carter is not in classes, he enjoys to go hunting and fishing often, as well as skiing with friends on the weekends at Sugarloaf Mountain.