Bryant Goodenough — Class of 2020

Portrait of Bryant Goodenough at the University of Maine

Bryant Goodenough always had a passion for math and science. When it came time for him to start his college career, Goodenough searched for majors of study that would allow him to apply his love of innovation and problem-solving to lead to a better world. “I find the concepts of mechanical engineering particularly intriguing as I see the potential applications everywhere, from a simple doorknob to the intense complexity of modern vehicles. I truly have a passion for the topics covered in my classes, and I am constantly glad for the decision I made to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering,” said Goodenough. Originally from Eliot, Maine, Goodenough received the Class of 1962 Sterritt Scholarship in 2017-18 as well as this year.

When he’s not in classes at UMaine, Goodenough participates in many clubs including Fishing Club, Mountain Bike Club and the Green Team, a student-led organization that works within the UMaine community to create awareness and change culture toward efficiency and sustainability on campus. “The nature surrounding the University of Maine is conducive to all my hobbies, and I am invariably glad for this feature of UMaine,” said Goodenough.


“Receiving this scholarship made me recognize the true degree to which people care about education. It truly means a lot to me to see students recognized for their hard work in school. The generosity of these scholarship donors is tremendous to see, and I hope I can show my sincere gratitude. Donors like these help to advance education and promote a community of passionate and driven students. I believe passion is essential to true success in your career, and when scholarships recognize this passion, they promote further learning and enrich the school environment.”