Photo of Angels Bernadine “Bert” Dickison Robertson ’67 is always thinking about the current students at her alma mater. Recently, she asked the UMaine Foundation staff how she could help students who may have been impacted by the government shutdown and brutal weather. Inquiries to Student Financial Aid and Student Life staff confirmed an increased demand by students for food from the Bodwell Center’s food pantry, as well as for fuel and fire assistance, emergency travel funds and money to buy books. Bert immediately made an expendable gift online to provide some instant relief to UMaine students who are struggling this winter. Along with her recent “angelic” act, Bert makes angels for those who need encouragement. She provides an ongoing supply of angels to Foundation staff to distribute on campus. The angels come in all nationalities and a rainbow of colors. Bert says, she hopes students will feel accepted, and realize that alumni care and support their success. Bert and her husband, Jeff, are members of the Rochester, NY alumni chapter, and winter in Florida.