Elizabeth Lemin — Class of 2019


With her senior year beginning, Elizabeth Lemin ’19 looks back on how her passion for dietary studies began: “Health and wellness has always been a passion for me ever since I visited my grandfather in the Maine Veterans’ Home when I was little,” said Lemin. “He was diabetic and that sparked my interest in learning how the body responds to the food we eat.” Now that her undergraduate studies are coming to a close, she is focusing more on her goals to attend graduate school at the University of Maine and eventually start her work as a registered dietitian.

As a food science and human nutrition major, concentrating in human nutrition and a psychology minor, Lemin works with entities in the area to gain hands-on experience. One of her most frequent engagements is through her volunteer work at Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor: “I volunteer every Thursday – working alongside the dietitians. My dream job would be to work in a women’s hospital mostly focusing on women during pregnancy. I would love to work with diabetic patients as well, I think that is something so many people in our country have to deal with, and my overall goal is to be able to help people. A lot of people are scared by the word dietitian but I’ve learned it’s important to be understanding and to create some sort of relationship.

When Lemin is looking for time away from her studies, she enjoys local, outdoor destinations like Acadia National Park, and she plans to hike Mt. Katahdin this fall.

Lemin was awarded the Elsine S. and A.R. Roderick II ’48 Nutrition Scholarship for the 2018-19 academic year. The scholarship was established in 2017 at the University of Maine Foundation as a bequest from Elsine Roderick who worked as a nutritionist for over forty years. Her focus in her work was specifically the importance of education in regard to the effect of nutrients on people’s health and the role of diet in the prevention of chronic diseases. “Receiving this scholarship is allowing me to complete my undergraduate degree and attend grad school, with the goal of becoming a registered dietitian!” said Lemin.