The 2018 Senior Class Giving campaign invites all members of the Class of 2018 to strengthen a legacy of alumni engagement and philanthropy by making their first donation to the University of Maine. All seniors are encouraged to give $20.18 or more to commemorate their graduation year.

What does my gift support?

The Class of 2018 Scholarship Fund has been established in honor of the Class of 2018. We encourage you to consider making your first gift to the University of Maine to this fund in honor of our Class of 2018. Your gift is your opportunity to invest in what has made a difference to you as a UMaine student!

What is the Annual Fund?

The UMaine Annual Fund provides essential support to the University of Maine. In addition to providing support for specific needs such as student financial aid, the Annual Fund is UMaine’s single most important source of unrestricted support. When a donor chooses to make an unrestricted annual gift, that person expressing a confidence in UMaine’s ability to direct the gift to where it can make the greatest and most immediate difference.

Why should I give?

  • Giving helps to sustain and improve the reputation of UMaine, and in turn, the value of your degree.
  • Your gift will help better the UMaine experience for tomorrow’s students.
  • Your participation honors the alumni and classes who have gone before you. The University of Maine Foundation manages more than 90 class scholarships, established by alumni who want to help future generations of UMaine students.
  • Even modest gifts make a difference. In 2013-2014, UMaine received more than 5,700 gifts of less than $100; together, these gifts brought in more than $339,000 to UMaine!

How can I help my alma mater?