Maine Day of Giving Social Media Toolkit

Maine Day of Giving is 24-hour fundraising event coordinated by the University of Maine Annual Fund office, which coincides with Maine Day, the traditional day of service at the University of Maine. Whether you are currently on campus or not, you can participate in Maine Day by making a gift.

During the day, the Foundation will be sending an email campaign to our Maine Day of Giving participants giving them updates on the fundraising progress.

We’ve provided sample social media content for your use! Don’t forget to include #mainedayofgiving20! There will be special awards for those who help us push the message out in social media.

Here’s what you can do:

1. Create your own content

By creating personalized content, and using the hashtag #mainedayofgiving20, you can create original, impactful content to share with friends. Make sure to tag your UMaine friends in a post encouraging/asking them to donate! The University of Maine Foundation has assembled messaging that can be put into a post on your personal social media profiles.

Just copy & paste into your social media – and don’t forget the #mainedayofgiving20 tag!


Create specific messaging to target your alumni and donors. Integrate your friendly URL (shorter URL with your department name, i.e.: into your Maine Day of Giving message. Make sure every post includes the hashtag: #mainedayofgiving20

For example; It’s Maine Day of Giving! Visit our giving page:[insert friendly URL here] to make a gift directly to our department. Make sure to challenge other UMaine alumni to do the same! #mainedayofgiving20

Hey, alumni & friends, you can participate in Maine Day, too! Tell your friends! #mainedayofgiving20


Calling all Black Bears! YOU can be a part of Maine Day this year through #mainedayofgiving20


Today is Maine Day and you can participate by making a gift to support the School of Performing Arts [insert the name of your unit/department here]! Make your gift today at #mainedayofgiving20 **

** this is an example where you would use your friendly URL which directs your donors to your giving page
(DO NOT cut & paste the URL from the giving form, it will include a lot of ugly code)!


Here is a complete list of all friendly URLs to direct gifts directly to your UMaine department – see if yours is listed!

Current UMaine Students

Maine Day is here and it’s also #mainedayofgiving20 Make your gift today at


#mainedayofgiving20 is happening now! Join your fellow Black Bears by taking part in UMaine’s giving day!


Calling all Black Bears! YOU can be a part of Maine Day this year through #mainedayofgiving20

UMaine Alumni & Friends

Consider tagging your fellow UMaine social media friends to encourage them to join you in giving back to UMaine:

For example; It’s Maine Day of Giving! I made my gift – now it’s your turn, Bananas T. Bear, Samuel Stein, and Samantha Stein. Join me and give at! #mainedayofgiving20


Proud to support the College of Our Hearts, Always with a gift on #mainedayofgiving20!


Calling all Black Bears! YOU can be a part of Maine Day this year through #mainedayofgiving20


Proud to support #mainedayofgiving20 with a gift to Maine’s flagship university!

2. Boost your post with a photo

Posts with photos make a bigger impact on social media! Make sure you create the impact you want by using any of the images below and tagging #mainedayofgiving20

Facebook images:

This size is perfect to make a profile photo on Facebook, or post on Instagram:

This size image can be used to make a Facebook banner/background photo, or to write a post on Twitter with an image: