Memorial GiftsYellow Roses

We appreciate your desire to honor someone special with a memorial gift. For your convenience, those whose names are listed below have individual online memorial giving pages set up. Follow the link to make your gift. If you prefer to send your gift by mail, please download this Memorial Gift Form.

Gifts in memory of Dr. Richard J. Rowe

Gifts in memory of Christopher Cousins

Gifts in memory of Robert Kates

Gifts in memory of Suzanne Grover

Gifts in memory of Leslie Hyde

Gifts in memory of Susan Warren

Gifts in memory of Herbert C. Scribner Jr. ’71

Gifts in memory of Suzanne Cole

Gifts in memory of Richard M. Ryckman, Ph.D.

Gifts in memory of Joseph F. Morrison 59, ’67G

Gifts in memory of Helen Goodwin and Louise Biggie ’83G

Gifts in memory of Arthur Weston

Gifts in Memory of Thomas Nokes

Gifts in Memory of Shawn McKenna

Gifts in Memory of John H. Hart, Jr., D.C.

Gifts in Memory of John M. Ingalls Sr., ’61

Gifts in Memory of Gordon Hamilton, Ph.D., University of Maine Professor in the Climate Change Institute and the School of Earth and Climate Sciences

Gifts in Memory of Willard R. Moulton ’48, ’50G (Gifts to the Class of 1948 Scholarship in his memory)

Gifts in Memory of David Lamb ’62

Gifts in Memory of Darryl N. Brown ’66, ’69G

Gifts in Memory of Edmund M. Sheppard

Gifts in Memory of Virginia Beach ’52

Gifts in Memory of Joyanne Jewett Johnson ’68

Gifts in Memory of Russell S. Bodwell ’44, ’47G 

To set up memorial giving please visit the Memorial/Honorary Gifts page.