• How do I make a gift of cash?

  • How do I make a gift of stock?

  • What if I want to make a gift online?

  • How can I establish an endowed fund?

  • What about memorial gifts?

  • What is a donor advised fund? Can I establish one with the Foundation?

  • What if I want to gift my forest land and desire for it to be kept as a working forest?

  • Who are the Foundation Board members?

  • When was the Foundation established?

  • How do I find the Foundation?

  • How is the Foundation funded?

  • Why a Foundation?

    A separate foundation can raise and manage money for the University, above and beyond that which is available through state funding, at no cost to the University. The Foundation is operated on a day-to-day basis by a professional staff and is advised by a dedicated Board of volunteers and committee members.

  • What kind of governance is in place to ensure that my gift is used as intended?

    A board and a stewardship committee work diligently to ensure donor intent is carried out in perpetuity. Our success is based on the trust we have earned over the past 81 years with the highest standards of accountability and stewardship.

  • How will my fund keep up with the real rate of educational inflation at UMaine?

    Our minimum investment goal is an absolute return of 10%. Our spending policy averages 5% and total fees are 2%. The difference is returned to build the principal to offset the ravages of inflation. Endowments should maintain their purchasing power over time.

  • What size fund provides a meaningful scholarship to a student?

    An endowed scholarship of $33,000 could generate $1,000 in annual earnings, which is equivalent to only 4.1%* of an in-state student’s total educational costs. Today’s students’ face higher costs each year and overwhelming debt.

  • How do I know that my gift will make an impact?

    There are many intangible benefits received when you invest in education. Private support that helps students achieve their goals affects eternity—you’ll never be able to tell where your influence stops. Many of our students, faculty and administrators write to our benefactors explaining how the gifts have made a difference. The Foundation strives to keep you informed of the fund balance and current earning rate through the annual report.

  • Does the Foundation invest in non-traditional equities?

    Yes, we have more than 35% of the portfolio in alternatives investments. The investment committee considers many factors including diversification, risk, asset allocation and liquidity. Many times, alternatives have lower volatility and a better risk/return ratio when compared to traditional equities.

  • Could I give a gift and remain anonymous?

    Yes. Donor confidentiality is of utmost importance to us. The Foundation strives to maximize donor anonymity to the extent provided by law. Safeguarding donor privacy is good stewardship and a matter of professional ethics.

  • Under what circumstances would the Foundation ever change the purpose of a fund?

    We would not change the purpose of a fund without donor’s permission. If it ever becomes impossible to use a fund, then we would seek relief from the Probate court under the cy pres* doctrine. A gift agreement that provides alternative uses is always recommended.

    *The legal doctrine that allows a court freedom in interpreting the terms of a will or gift if carrying out the terms literally would be impracticable or illegal.