October 12th, 2017

portrait of University of Maine student Thomas Colfer

Thomas Colfer is a sophomore Engineering Physics major from West Gardiner, Maine and is a recipient of the Mary Mincher Talbot Scholarship. Thomas, like many students today, is balancing a full-time course load while also having a family. Like all students who are awarded scholarships, he is immensely grateful for the generous philanthropy of others.

“The greatest impact [the Mary Mincher Tablot Scholarship] has had on me…is that it allows me to cut back on work to focus on my studies and my three children.”

Thomas drives an hour and a half each way to the University of Maine’s campus where he assists other students as a Peer Leader in the Chemistry Department. Peer Leaders assist undergraduate students with academic support in introductory courses. Thomas has found assisting other students with their education incredibly fulfilling. His goals for the future include pursuing a graduate education in physics before eventually working towards a doctorate and teaching as a professor.

“These goals are brought closer to reality by [the Mary Mincher Talbot] scholarship…by allowing me the freedom to participate in programs such as the Peer Leader [program]…without your generosity and the generosity of others like you none of this would be possible.”