September 6th, 2017

Brandon Richards 2019crop

Brandon Richards is a recipient of the Class of 1944 Music Scholarship. Music has long been an integral part of Brandon Richards’ life. Growing up in Belfast, Maine, Brandon first picked up a trumpet in the 5th grade, but also has enjoyed playing other musical instruments such as guitar and piano. So, it is no surprise that Brandon Richards is a proud member of the Pride of Maine Black Bear Marching Band and Pep Band.

“Marching Band [and Pep Band have] been a great way to meet a lot of people and make new friends… The marching band covers a broad range of over 30 majors and [has members from] from many states across the U.S.”

Although Brandon has passion for music, it was not what brought Brandon to the University of Maine campus.

“The reason I ended up coming [to UMaine]…was for the Electrical Engineering program.”

Brandon is a Junior Electrical Engineering Technology major with an Engineering Entrepreneurial minor.  Brandon also holds an executive position with the Residence Hall Association, which advocates for students who live on-campus.

“With costs on the rise, every [scholarship] helps…I would like to thank the [Class of 1944] for your generous contribution…It is being used by someone who greatly appreciates it.”