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Maine Day of Giving is a 24-hour day of philanthropy at the University of Maine which coincides each year with Maine Day. UMaine alumni, faculty, staff, students and friends can participate in Maine Day service from anywhere by making a gift to support what they love about the College of Our Hearts Always.

About Maine Day

President Arthur Hauck, who established Maine Day in 1935, said that a successful Maine Day accomplishes three things:

The Campus, through work projects, becomes a more attractive place.
We foster the spirit of friendliness and cooperation which we like to identify as the Maine spirit.
We strengthen our loyalty to one another and to the University.

Maine Day of Giving is an annual event that keeps the spirit of Maine Day alive whether you are on campus for Maine Day or celebrating from afar.

Make a gift of at least $20 and you will receive a set of two UMaine car cupholder coasters as a thank you gift! 
Car Coaster Artwork
Car Coasters in Car
Make a gift to support what you love about the College of Our Hearts Always!

Michael Bourque '89

“As a proud UMaine alumnus I give annually. This year I chose to support the Southern Maine Executive Club of the University of Maine Today and Tomorrow Scholarship. This scholarship helps students with the costs of today while building the endowment for UMaine’s next generation of students. I encourage you to show your support to the University of Maine on Maine Day of Giving.”

Meg Thompson Villarreal '61

“When I arrived on campus, I drove into my life there with unbridled enthusiasm. Classes, activities, organizations, dorm life, I wanted to be part of it all. And it was this that shaped me, gave me invaluable life experiences and allowed me to fail, try again and move on. Now, through my giving to the University–scholarships, events, targeted needs–I hope I am giving today’s students a chance at those same opportunities. It is the best and least that each of us can do.”
UMaine Student

Matt Ingraham '21

“This scholarship means so much to me not only for the monetary value, but also for the recognition and belief in my hard work.”
Charles Stanhope

Charles Stanhope '71

“I established the Honors College Study Abroad Fellowship Endowment fund to celebrate the excellent UMaine undergraduate education I received. I had opportunities in my work to travel around the country and the world. Those travel opportunities taught me about the places I visited and I have also discovered what made Maine a special place for me. I am very happy that my fund helps UMaine students travel as part of their undergraduate education, something I wasn’t able to do.”